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We’re a former geek culture blog, focused on all aspects of geek culture. We spoke about anime, cosplay, comics and conventions, board games, video games, technology and literature – And much more. With a wide range of interests, GeekOut UK was a collaboration between Timlah and Joel, with some occasional guest articles.

As of 2020, we are moving on from this venture. If you want to keep up with Timlah and Joel, you can find them here:

Timlah: Timlah’s Texts – A personal blog focused on his projects. Mostly video game development now.

Joel: Shropshire Dungeon Master – Spreading tabletop gaming to the masses, Joel is the Shropshire Dungeon Master. Hire him today!

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Oh hey, you’re still here? If you take only one lesson away today, it’s our mantra…

Geek proud, GeekOut. <3

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  1. Have you ever been to the MCM conventions? The next one is in London and is a great place to meet fellow anime fans and cosplayers.


    1. Thanks for the comment!

      I’ve not yet been to one of the MCMs, though I do intend to now that I’m properly hooked on conventions :) The next one I’m off to is BristolCon, since heck, it’s local and a one day event (You can read more here) . Once I’m really into the swing of things though, I’m planning on going to other conventions and expos, such as MCM (I hear lots of people talk about them). If there are other GeekOut fans interested, I’d probably organise a group trip up to conventions and expos. If MCM is the place to be, then I’ll eventually be going to one, no doubt!

      The next “big” convention I personally have booked into is KitaCon 2014, in March.


    1. And what a blog that is! Very well presented and lots of exciting content to look through. Kudos!

      Games to me are a major passion, as well as anime and cosplay. That’s not all, I’m a big fan of Magic: the Gathering (But my deck is pretty outdated) and many other geeky hobbies. The best part about all of my hobbies: They’re all “multi-player”. You can do all of them alone (well, except maybe Magic: the Gathering) but they are best shared with others.

      Thanks for posting :)


    1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you, too! Thanks for the comment, it’s the conversation that makes blogging so interesting. Will be writing more posts soon (NaBloPoMo is hard on a person who only had a month or so’s blogging experience before hand!)


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