Games that make you

It’s pretty late here in England, but it doesn’t mean I’m not ready to post!

So activity for me has increased quite a bit. Being a one man band (Who isn’t Heath Slater), I have to think of things that are relevant to me. As such, in this post I’m going to discuss one of the most important elements of my life and I do say this is an important element of my life: Gaming.

I’m actually shocked I’ve focused more on Cosplay in my blog posts so far, but this being said, that is my most recent endeavour. So I’m going to talk about the game that truly made me a gamer.

I’ll set the scene:

It’s a cold night and a young kid with something called a Game Boy is in his hands. He puts in a cartridge and his mind is blown as these geometric shapes are falling down and forming lines… then vanishing before his very eyes.

Yes, it can only be Tetris.

That game, Tetris.


This is a game that can bring together gamers and non-gamers alike. Why would a gamer like it? Score systems. Why would a non-gamer like it? Because it’s not a game as we know it now-a-days.

My gamer view

As a gamer, I was immediately hooked to Tetris. At the time, I was quite new to gaming, having played just a few games beforehand. I’ll post more about those another day. But Tetris is a game I would play for hours on end. Day in, day out, I’d pick up my Game Boy, put in Tetris and play.

As I got older, more advanced games appealed to me, including one of the most insanely popular children’s games of all time which children and people even well beyond their 50s and 60s play. That’s for another post. Growing up, all the games I played were platformers, puzzlers or arcade beat ’em ups. So I picked up Tetris, expecting a game that was “heh, fun! Will kill some time.” What I didn’t expect was something so simple could be something so incredible to play.

I didn’t have any other Nintendo console, at least not until I got the Nintendo DS. In fact, unless we count the PS1 or the Wii, my only consoles have actually been hand held!

I had the Game Gear, the Game Boy, the Game Boy Colour, the Nintendo DS, the Nintendo 3DS and the PS Go (… I really haven’t used it that much, sadly.) So my handheld days have mostly been conquered by Nintendo. So seeing Tetris was a Nintendo game, couldn’t be a bad game. It wasn’t but instead I found myself having friends come around to beat my ridiculously high scores. By that, I mean I was often finding myself able to score back to back Tetris scoring for max score boosts.

Then I saw documentaries on it and people with the -truly- insanely high scores. Of course, this made me go “… Aw :(” I had a horrible craving to do better and kept playing it. Much to the annoyance of people who knew me, as whenever I lost it made that horrible sound…

Argh, that’s a sound that’ll break you.

It’s a game that you want to do better and better in. Why? No real reason except: “I BEAT MY HIGH SCORE!”

Sure, other games have done it arguably better, too. But ultimately, Tetris was such an easy game, it could turn someone from a non-gamer into a game sympathiser at very least. I’d be interested to find people who haven’t played some variant of Tetris and to see what their views on it would be if they played it. In this day and age, Tetris isn’t as easy to convince as a fun game as it used to be, not since a lot of gaming has gone to be “social”, but honour your roots when you can, folks.

Well, I wanted Tetris to be my first gaming post, as Tetris… Oh hells yeah. That’s a game that people need to have played in their lives.

Got any views on Tetris? Share them with me!

Author: Timlah

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  1. I’m not a huge fan of puzzle games and only got Tetris because it came with my Gameboy. It won me over though with it’s addictive gameplay. The 2 player matches featuring Mario and Luigi were lots of fun too.


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