Tiger & Bunny review

Hello one and all,
So, today I want to talk about one of the most recent anime I have seen, Tiger & Bunny.

Tiger & Bunny art
A rather serious looking cover, for what’s actually a very charming (and clever) series.

Tiger & Bunny is phenomenal. I mean let me go through this with no spoilers for you all. A western styled superhero story in anime form. Surely, this is the best of both worlds. This anime truly is.

Some incredible artwork, with truly amazing characters that aren’t forgettable. The story primarily follows Wild Tiger, an ageing hero who is known for being a bit of a destructive machine. He always means well for everyone, selfless. He is partnered with a younger hero who has the same power as he, super strength for 5 minutes. This younger hero, Barnaby Brooks Jr (aka Bunny), however, is out for glory and revenge for his parents deaths.

As the story progresses, each of the heroes personal stories are touched and you see their rivalry also extends into a strong friendship. With plenty of bad guys and some amazing blend of a serious superhero story and fun comedy, Tiger & Bunny seems to have the blend perfect. This is a pretty tame anime, however it is absolutely wonderful and will bring in fans of western comics as well as anime/manga fans, too.

It’s not particularly long at 25 episodes, which means you could finish it in a few days if you watched it back to back. Ultimately, you can watch the prequel to the series which is a feature length film (a spectacular one, at that) and this gives you a great start into the series. Now, maybe in future I will have to consider cosplaying Origami Cyclone… Maybe.

I give this series 5 out of 5! Top marks for the first review, can’t be bad, no?

DISCLAIMER: These are my views alone. You are welcome to comment and add to the discussion, but my views stand as above!

Origami Cyclone
Oragami Cyclone, great design, great character.

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6 thoughts on “Tiger & Bunny review”

  1. Reading your review makes me want to finish the series (I’ve only watched the first DVD release.) Although I expected more from the show it’s not a bad anime. I don’t like how they shoe horn CG effects when they change into costume though.


    1. Personally, I liked that!

      I read your review of it and saw quite a different side to the anime. I wholeheartedly get what you mean about the shoe horn of CG effects, but to me, that was part of what was so charming about the anime. I found it was a really fun anime which was sort of a polite nod to the super hero movies that have been coming out as of late. Afterall, some of those are full of CG changes into costumes.

      Having an anime of a western-styled super hero story… To me it was a perfect balance of anime and comic books. The only thing that slightly made me shudder was the over the top use of sponsors… However, that I can forgive, as it was part of the “TV Show” feel to the anime.

      Let me say, the further down the story you get, the more it just becomes… Incredible. I can’t describe it any other way and I won’t as anything else would be spoiling. I do remember the first few episodes were fairly slow though, so I hear ya on that.

      Thanks for your comment :)


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