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Those of you who know me, I’m sure you knew this was coming!

Minecraft, sometimes called Minceraft

This is a game that has gained considerable attention over the past few years and for good reason.

Minecraft is one of these rare games that doesn’t need “fancy graphics” and doesn’t need “crazy shooting action.” This is a game that was made to be entertaining and nothing but entertaining. But the question is, why is it so popular?

Enter the open world

Minecraft is quite special. It’s a sandbox game with some hints of survival, co-op, building and even PVP should you want it. Different servers that you can join have different “themes”, too. You may go onto a server that wants to re-create scenes from famous movies, then you may go to another server that is focused on magic and the likes… But none of this is in the main game!

The main game gives you an open world to run around in. You start by punching trees and punching grass… But in return: You get the material! So you punch a block out of a tree and see this randomly hovering tree… because gravity needs to be defied often. This is a game which defies gravity, unless it’s sand or gravel you’re punching. Once you’ve gotten your material, you can use it to make something else out of it! Punch out a lot of grass and it gives you dirt. Go ahead and make a house out of dirt! How? Just make it! Put it down in the world and make it into a house shape! There we go!

Remember that tree you punched out earlier? Turn them into wooden planks! Then turn 4 of those (1 log) into a crafting bench! Turn wooden planks and sticks into a wooden pickaxe!

This is a game that doesn’t hold your hand, but it doesn’t make itself too hard for you, either. This is a game where your best resource for education is not via a tutorial, but you’ll learn just by playing the game. So this makes it special in itself: No introduction is needed. Just pick up and play. With intuitive controls and a rather pleasant feeling about it, this game is easy for a new guy to pick up and play.

Watch out!

A wild creeper appears!

Oh no! An enemy! But what is that thing?

That there is a creeper. You remember that lovely dirt house you just built? The creeper has followed you home caught you outside of your home and has exploded. All of your 5 minutes work is now gone! This certainly is no good! You’ll need to build something stronger against these creepers!

Ah, it’s now night time! Oh well, let’s keep getting resources.

A wild zombie appears!

Oh no! An enemy! A zombie! It’s out to eat us!

So you’ve got enemies to deal with… and you know that at least one of them blows up and destroys your work. Great.

As time goes on, you learn how to handle all of these beasts. You know how to make torches and you’ve built yourself a nice big house… Eventually, you get really good at this Minecraft malarky… and you just want to do something that little bit more involved.

Enter the mods

This is where Minecraft changes.

Minecraft is truly the game it is thanks to the modding community. We have versions of Minecraft with different names: Tekkit, Feed The Beast (Known as FTB to experienced Minecraft players), Voltz, YogBox… There are a lot of these modded versions of the game.

You just know them creepers are up to no good.

This isn’t to take away from Minecraft, but its sole appeal is truly to get every resource, to make yourself a lovely home and to build (whatever) to your hearts content. Or to battle people to your hearts content. Or to survive to your hearts content (Go live in “The Nether” on the hardest mode!)

What is the goal?

This is the bit that makes the non-believers of this game shudder. There is no goal. This is a game that is basically what you want it to be. On my server, I run a “TekkitLite” server. It’s tiny and was built for me and my closest friends in mind. On this server, I have a little “City” which is the “Home of automating”. I attempt to automate as many processes as possible. I have little robots do some deforestry for me: then they replant the forest! I have a robot do my farming for me! I have a machine that has fished something like 2,000,000 fish (… There truly are plenty of fish in the sea).

But what’s the point?

This is the point. There is no point.

Enjoy the game which has no point!

A picture of my server... Daves Party Palace is in the distance. Of course.

A picture of my server… Daves Party Palace is in the distance. Of course.


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