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Right. This is one I’ve been watching ONLY via YouTube and ONLY via clips. Therefore, I do not know loads about this series. However, since I’ve been reviewing shorter series as of late, this one strikes me as one of the best of the best. 26 episodes for the anime – That is all that has been released. Throughout this, I’ll be sharing with you some of my favourite clips as well as explaining what this is all about. Now, on with the “review”…

I should really make a format for these.


Yes, just an ordinary day.

The art direction in Nichijou is some of the purely spectacular art and animation of any anime I think I’ve seen. I say this a fair bit, I realise, but I seem to be going from great to great in anime (Ooh, next time I’ll review one I know I didn’t like!) As proof, I present a video clip, of the struggles of trying to open a pumpkin (DISCLAIMER: I definitely had more trouble than this opening the pumpkin I used for my helmet).

That is one hard pumpkin.


Actually, this is where Nichijou would fall if this were a serious review. You see, Nichijou, doesn’t truly have an absolute story. It’s more about these high school students going about their ordinary lives. Sure, it might be in an extra ordinary sort of environment, what with a boy who rides his goat to school, a girl who’s… Simply put, a troll… a child scientist who made a perfect android, but can’t handle simple things, like not getting herself trapped in glue – This is just about a day in the life, no, a day in the ordinary lives of the people of this world.

Certainly, this type of humour can be considered a “Slice of life” though I would be really pleased to hear from you if your lives ever look or sound like what you’ll witness.

With this being said, have another clip.

Now we’re getting serious, see?


Well, as per usual, anime music isn’t my forte. I’ll have to break this mould some day. However, I will say this: Many of the scenes have an important piece of music to it. The music sets the tone for the rest of the clip. The above two, you heard the “inspirational” sound when trying to break a pumpkin. You heard the ferociousness of the heat of the battle with the deer… And to top it all off, this series has a pretty funky opening. Enjoy another clip.

Keeping to the rather charming style of Nichijou throughout, even the theme is fun!



Pointless! Bizarre! Strange!

Absolute fun. Go ahead and watch this one, or do what I did: Watch the clips. As far as I’m aware, there’s no greater plot to this show, than to be purely entertaining and funny.

So, without further adieu, my absolute favourite scene from this series:

Always watch out for the girls who are into Yaoi. GOODNIGHT!


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