FUNDED Kickstarter Highlight: The Clay That Woke

An RPG dedicated to Minotaurs

The Clay That Woke is an RPG that is dedicated to the awesome world that is Minotaurs. I’ve always been a fan of the manbull (Pardon the lack of better phrasing and I apologise if this is demeaning to any Minotaurs out there!)

The creator, having one of the best moustaches I think I’ve ever seen online, has done some extensive play testing of his brand new role playing game and is looking to fund the RPG for what is a truly unique experience.

Check out the video on the Kickstarter page, it’s pretty interesting!

Impressive art helped sell this to me.

What of the rewards?

The smallest reward is for just $3 where you get the short story published with the game immediately. This is something I haven’t actually seen on Kickstarter before, where you can get something before the campaign has ended, so kudos to the creator for this one.

To get the full physical copy of the game, including tokens, you need to pledge a minimum of $73. To get a copy of the book and PDF version of the game which includes printable tokens, you need to pay a minimum of $33. If you pay a minimum of $14 or more, you get the PDF of the game. Nice!

It appears this will also be guaranteed to go through as it has already met its target! Once the campaign has ended, it looks like it’ll definitely be released. I’ve already put in for the story, which is a small pledge, I realise, however I’m interested to see the story. As mentioned, I’ve always been a fan of Minotaurs. In fact, in a “Freeform” Dungeons and Dragons game I played, I was a Minotaur Artificer… Amusingly, I kept breaking the game by sacrificing a lot of my “useless” stats to become strong and “Grow with strength”. I think I broke several walls that way and was hailed as “The one”… Due to being over 15 feet tall. It made sleeping in neutral places quite tricky, though.

Even during my World of Warcraft days, I played as the Tauren. Why? Manbull. (Sorry again.)

Yeah, Minotaurs are awesome, but this RPG looks to bring out the best in Minotaurs. I hope it succeeds!


This was funded by a landslide. Originally requesting just $8,500, this game managed to wrangle up $25,518! Wow! Congratulations to the creator. We look forward to seeing The Clay That Woke amongst the RPG greats!

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