FUNDED Kickstarter Highlight – Shrug Island

Adventure gamers rejoice! There’s a fantastic new Point and Click adventure game which needs our help! Let’s take a deeper look into Shrug Island.

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Based on a student film in the Shrug universe, Shrug Island is a stylish looking 2D point and click adventure game.

The game follows two friends who are looking to find one another after being away from their home for some time. It promises to be available on PC, Mac, Linux and tablets (Android and iOS).

The artwork is very soft. Simple and very unique, I can’t think of a game (immediately, anyway) that looks even vaguely similar to this. Do you know of one that looks similar? Answer in the comments below. The entire game features hand drawn artwork, which explains why this looks like it does.

So, as I mentioned, this is a point and click adventure game. Fans of the old LucasArts games would understand the appeal of these point and click games, of which I think I will one day have to review my favourite LucasArts game. Alas, that’s for another time! For now, we’re celebrating the future with Kickstarter once more.

Childlike in nature, this game looks to bring out not just the inner child, but the “Magic” that has been missing from a lot of today’s AAA games. Don’t get me wrong, I do find AAA games as fun as the next person when it involves some of the big titles. But something has been bugging me more and more about games as of late. There’s too much instruction and not enough exploration. I’m hoping Shrug Island encourages the exploration of their ever evolving world.

That’s a point: This world, on Shrugs Island, evolves based upon the actions you take. The inhabitants (Called Shrugs) evolve with their surroundings. Shrugs are musicians and communicate with their strange bodies. They are seaweed eaters (Hear, hear! Though I do like mine fried)


But I digress.

For most of the year, the island is underwater, hence the inhabitants kind of get used to seaweed. So, they eat seaweed in many different ways!

The origins of Shrug Island comes from this short film. At only 6:53 in length, it doesn’t hurt having a watch of this in order to better understand how this game is going to turn out:

Tiered rewards

So, as with all Kickstarters, there’s the uncanny $2,000 and $1,000 tiers (Of which people have gone for the $1,000 tier. I wish I could have that kind of money to pledge towards new games!) But, the tiers I’m going to point out, as always, are the smaller tiers which are basically the bread and butter for these types of projects.

$1 – You get a thank you!
$5 – A digital sketch signed for you as well as desktop wallpaper!
$10 – Chapter 1 downloadable and the previous tiers rewards.
$18 – Digital artbook and the previous tiers rewards.
$25 – Digital soundtrack and all of the previous tiers rewards.
$30 – Chapters 2-4 will be downloadable when it’s all done… And all previous tiers rewards.

So, this is scaling up nicely.

The thing I like most about Shrug Island is that it uses simple music, hand drawn art and it has a simple yet effective story about communication. This little world has an essence of magic about it and, you never know, perhaps you’ll have your inner child awoken by having a go at this game.

In game artwork

Interestingly, this game has an idea in that as you interact with the game, you directly affect the sound track. Each game is set to last between 60-90 minutes, so these aren’t games for the long point and click adventure game fans. If anything, these games are here to just take you on a short, but fun journey throughout.

What do you all think? It seems like a fantastic project with great artwork, nice simple music and most importantly: A game that encourages exploration. Not headshots.

WARNING: The below YouTube features FPS Doug. I cannot guarentee there will be no swearing – As there is swearing.

Boom, headshot.

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3 thoughts on “FUNDED Kickstarter Highlight – Shrug Island”

  1. I’ve been keeping my eye on this one for the past couple of weeks after I came across it on Greenlight… I’m still not entirely sure what I think, but it does indeed look lovely!


    1. To me, this is a nice, “Magical” as people describe it, adventure. It looks lovely with hand drawn animation and it has simple, yet enjoyable sounds. It’ll be worth a look at when ready, I think.

      Anything to widen the Point ‘n Click adventure genre is a good thing, in my opinion!


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