Hm, not too sure what part this falls under. Does it fall under Anime talk? Does it fall under GeekOut Discussion?

Due to the nature of AMVs I’ve decided to put it under Anime talk, since they are very much all about the anime. So, let’s go into discussion about AMVs, why people make them and actually, why some of them are so damn good.

What does it mean?

Beautifully anime...
Beautifully anime… No expenses spared here… None at all…

AMV stands for Anime Music Videos and have been a huge part of the “Otaku” scene. Otaku in Japanese isn’t really considered a flattering word, as it literally means “Your house”. This in turn is then translated to “You” in a metaphorical way and boom. You’re basically viewed as someone who spends all of your time in your house. So, this wasn’t a word that was thrown around lightly until the real explosion of interest from our western audiences.

In fact, people happily call themselves “Otaku” and it even has spawned a whole new view of the word. It’s more positive now, but the premise remains that it is reserved for people who are obsessive over their hobbies.

One hobby within the Otaku scene is the creation (or viewing) of AMVs, Anime Music Videos. AMVs are generally just music that has gotten a sequence of footage put together of an anime series (or several anime series) which is in time to music.

Does it just end there, though? That depends on who you ask.

You see, for the serious Otaku, the AMVs are a work of art in themselves. This is certainly true when you get the honestly masterfully executed AMVs and I thought I’d highlight some of the great AMVs and associated videos to share with you all.

This one seems to feature a story of trying to surpass “the best”. Of course, it takes from the One Piece story, which is truly a great story… Albeit a bit too long winded for my own personal liking! The use of the voices along with the dramatic music makes this feel as if it was some form of movie trailer for One Piece, which of course it is not. It is just an anime music video!

This, will always have me laughing. Moving swiftly on from that one.

WARNING: This video is pretty darn long. If you want to be weary of your bandwidth, please don’t click this! Some NSFW content!

AMV Hell 3 – AMV Hell was a series of funny clips from AMVs, which includes that Vegeta clip above. This is a very old AMV series, but it was mostly just a collection of videos put together. You can find out more about AMV Hell projects on their website. There also be some Not Safe For Work (NSFW) content in this.

Some go to fit the songs entirely, which could be to show off a song the creator really likes, or just to show off editing skills.

Making your own

There are plenty of resources online, of which the best I could find was this website here.

Now, I’m not suggesting that we all go to create AMVs. There are many of them, but if this is something that appeals to you, then by all means I encourage you to and if you have made one, let us know here!

Have you bumped into AMVs before? Do you know of some way better ones than the ones I’ve suggested? I realise my list was quite small, however as an opening exposure to the scene, this is better than nothing!

Please, drop us a line in the comments section, what do you think of AMVs? I’m neither for nor against them. I feel there is a lot of skill in the editing work in some of the videos as well as a creative skill in matching clips to music.

There’s also the social skill involved, in that AMVs do play a large part of anime conventions. At Kitacon, there’s a whole hour and a half dedicated to AMVs, so this can’t be a small scene. I hope you’ve found the exposure worthwhile!

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