FUNDED Kickstarter Highlight – Koe – A JRPG about the J in JRPG.


Do you like to play the occasional JRPG?

How about an RPG reminiscent of Pokemon?

Do you want to learn the Japanese language and more about Japan?

Have you answered yes at least once here? Great, you might want to know about Koe!

Graphically, this is a JRPG!

Kickstarter campaign here


Before we continue then, let me first of all explain why a JRPG is different to a “Western” RPG. In a JRPG, you generally have a linear goal (Looking at you, Final Fantasy). The goal is usually “Save x. Then do x.” Or something like that. In Final Fantasy IX, my all time favourite JRPG, you have to save the world and play the story of characters. You have no branching paths, it’s a linear path to the end.

Does this mean it’s dumbed down? No! Certainly not! If anything, I think it sometimes shows more skill to follow a character or characters through a series of events. It means the writers have to be on the ball.

So what’s Koe then? (Ko-Eh)

Koe – How does it stand out?

Koe stands out as it tries to do something new. It tries to teach you Japanese (At least the basics) which is great, as a lot of JRPGs aren’t ported over to other languages, which makes them somewhat obscure to the non-speakers.

Occasionally, you may pick one up, not understand what your goal is and just wander aimlessly. Or you can do what I do, which is do that – and still manage to beat a game – and still not know what you did. This really happened once :(


But this is a game?

Yes, this is a game that is about arriving at Japan. You quickly find out that it’s not exactly the place you once thought. No, there are monsters, dungeons, castles… Oh my!

So, whether or not you want to learn Japanese, this game is also – That. It’s a game.

It’s a great idea and I’m interested. My cash is going to go towards it and since it’s already over 100% funded, I can’t wait until March 2015 for my copy of Koe.


By the time I had found this Kickstarter campaign, it has already reached its target! If you were to jump with funding now, you’d get the game for a platform of your choice (PC, Mac or Linux) for £10:

  • Pledge £10 or more

    1429 backers

    A special Kickstarter exclusive digital copy of Koe for Windows/Mac/Linux when it is completed. Not only will you receive the full game, this version will have extra words, moves, and locations that will only ever be available to kickstarter backers as a thank you for believing in this project. You will also receive a steam key if Koe is released on steam. + Previous reward.

    Estimated delivery: Jun 2015

June 2015 is quite some time away, so you’ll likely forget you even purchased this game. Then, one day, you’ll get this lovely little digital game which’ll help you learn the Japanese language. Speaking of which, what does this actually teach you?

  • Reading Japanese,
  • Reading Kanji,
  • Japanese words
  • Japanese phrases

It’s quite basic when you break it down, because this was meant to be for people who wanted to either learn from the start, or to add to their studies of the Japanese language.

I keep meaning to learn Japanese properly, perhaps this’ll give me that much needed kick to learn it properly.


Author: Timlah

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4 thoughts on “FUNDED Kickstarter Highlight – Koe – A JRPG about the J in JRPG.”

  1. Interesting idea for an edu-tainment game. I’d love to learn Japanese so I could play all the cool games that never come here. Shame I am so bad when it comes to languages… plus I’m lazy.


    1. I hear ya there! But, as I say to everyone… My favourite phrase: Okane wo kashite! (probably spelt wrong! I will leave you to find out what that means ;D)


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