Krosmaster Arena

Krosmaster Arena is a figurine tabletop game.

However, we’re not going to look at that part of it. We’re going to look at the online version of Krosmaster Arena and maybe in the future, we can look at a tabletop version of it.

Play Krosmaster Arena for free at
Alternatively, buy the figurine game here. The figurines are adorable!


How is it played?

Krosmaster Arena is an interesting little game. It is a figurine strategy game, where you play as a figure and are given their card which explains their powers and the likes.

You are given 6 Golden Galleons (GG) to start the game off with and each character you put on the board are worth a certain amount of those GG. If the character is to die in the game, then you lose the same GG that they are worth.

On the cards, it explains a few important details, such as how many action points each character has and how many hit points they have. How many movement points and how much damage each move deals are on the cards, too. But how do we actually play?

Krosmaster Arena is a grid-based game. Each tile you move is worth 1 MP (Move Point). For example, a character may have 3 MP, so they can move just 3 spaces per turn.

They can also use their action points. Let’s take the example of Oscar Kass (Yes, this is the game I know of Oscar Kass from)

If you want to get into Krosmaster Arena and are looking for the manual, here it is! It is freely available online.

Looks and presentation

Let’s be honest here, we can’t truly talk about the graphics of this, as the pieces are merely representations of the figurines.

So, how does this game look and feel, since we’re taking a tabletop game and playing it online.

A game in progress - starring me!
A game in progress – starring me!

So, the board itself is represented nicely and in fact, the characters look really good! Consider this – you can play this little game online for free. Now to collect more of the figures, you do need to do a lot of winning in order to earn enough points to get another character, but hey! If this game really hooks you, then you’ll likely have a new figure in no time.

The game is presented nicely and most people don’t chat, which can be quite nice. It means you get to have a little game with someone for a few minutes before you leave to carry on with your day. It’s casual, easy to pick up and play with enough documentation to get into it.

The coins on the map are used to get buffs/power ups and items. You stand on one of the demonic squares to get the rewards from using the coins and all of the information is quite clean.

You see the 5 in the sort of star shape? That’s my GG, as mentioned previously. The current character is displayed at the bottom along with his/her powers. Along the top left hand corner is the turn order of the characters.

In all honesty, this game is very quick to learn and very sweet. In terms of how it was recreated online by the guys who made the game, it’s worth a look!


This is a sweet little game that you can waste a little bit of time on. I’ve yet to play with people I know, though I am hoping to get one or two people into it soon enough so that we can have a nice, easy to play board game to play online.

If you’re interested and want to have a match against me, go ahead and drop me a line in the chat and I’ll have a game. I’m pretty much a push over. I’ve had 5 wins, 11 losses, so say! You can find me on there by the name of “Timlah”. Huh, go figure.

But of course, I’ll warn you now. I say I’m bad, but I have been known to win a match on occasion…

See!? I warned you! I can win in this game!
See!? I warned you! I do sometimes win in this game!


What do you all think about this simple to pick up little game? It’s a great looking little game with awesome style. The online version does detract from the “collectables” side quite a bit, sure enough… However, considering this is supposed to be a way to introduce people to the game, it’s quite short and sweet. Worth a look at.

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  1. Sounds a bit like Heroclix. I don’t mind collectible games going digital. It helps people who don’t have the space to store collections and online matchmaking makes it easier to find people to play with. Hearthstone for example has shown that the model works. Imagine being able to play Warhammer online? That would rule.


    1. … Warhammer 40,000 and then we’re talking. BRING IT, OTAKU JUDGE! >8¬}

      But in seriousness, I’ve started to play Hearthstone recently (I got it working easily here on Linux! Maybe a review is imminent!?) I’m on there as “Timlah1001up”. Give us an add!


      1. I dabbled with 40k years ago, but gave it up when I lost touch with my buddies who played it. I had a small Imperial Guard army. I liked playing the game, but detested the painting and assembling of tanks.

        I’m not at home at the moment, but going off memory I think my Blizzard ID is Dentolux #2528


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