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So the next event we will be attending a GeekOut session for is the Bristol Comic Expo. Here’s quick run down of what’s going to happen at Bristol Comic Expo and why I’m really looking forward to it!

Bristol Comic Expo is a mere £10 entry for the whole of Saturday. Spanning across two days, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th (For £16.00 for the two days), Bristol Comic Expo is looking to incorporate different elements of geekdom under one roof. Honestly, this is set to be an excellent event!

You can buy your tickets from here. If you intend to come along to this, please note, it is an online pre-booking event only.

What is there to do?

There is going to be a live performance by Professor Elemental who was phenomenal at Kitacon.

A lovely portrait for the professor. He’s pretty British.

Along with this, there will be a vast array of comics to browse and lots of great merchandise (or swag as I like to call it) to pick up and get through.

Then, for the gamers who are attending the event, there are some video game areas where hopefully there will be little tournaments of kinds held and there is going to be a Magic: the Gathering room. I might have to take some of my cards with me!

Disclaimer: This is not one of my cards.

Finally, there is also a section for the cosplayers of the world.

There is a cosplay masquerade on the Saturday, which should be fun! I hope to be in costume for the event. If I can’t finish one of my newest costumes in time (It’s almost finished, folks! There will be pictures and a breakdown of how I did it soon), then I will go as Edward Elric once more. I’d better brush the wig, as I decided to go headbanging with Ed’s hair on the last night of Kitacon. Long story short, it’s pretty knotted!

So please feel free to join us if you’re in or around Bristol on this day. We’re going to then go for some drinks once the event is over, but the location of this is still undecided. It will likely either be the King William once more, or we might try our luck with The Stag and Hounds.

Now, I shall leave you with a video of the Professor himself.


Them be his fighting trousers, see? Everyone has to have a pair of those.

Have you got any events like this near where you are? Why not share them with us and tell us about how they excite you? We’d love to hear what geeky events you’ve got planned!

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  1. Headbanging with the Edward doo will change the style of the wig. Next time you might have to go dressed as Vash the Stampede!


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