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It’s that time again, where I’ve gone ahead and purchased something that I’m happy to just give away to the lovely readers of GeekOut South-West.

Once again, whilst on the Humble Bundle page, I managed to get myself some nice new games. Horray.

However, with it, is a game that I’m not looking to redeem. I mentioned that sometimes when I get a humble bundle, I would give one of the games to my lovely audience. Well then, here we are:


In Incredipede, you follow the Incredipede Quozzle, who is on a mighty quest to save her sisters. She’s unique, in that she can grow limbs whenever and however she wants. This means she can turn into just about anything that the imagination allows!

With 60 levels of puzzler goodness, Incredipede is a great, light hearted and easy-to-pick up game.

Along with 60 levels, there are thousands of user created levels along with a custom content creator. Full screen resolution and a nicely stylised theme, Incredipede is fun to look at, although I guess that depends if you’re squeamish about a giant eye with limbs.

What is that even!?

The competition

To win this lovely little puzzler, all you have to do is provide the best caption you can for this picture:

Caption Competition


Competition closes Monday 26th at 5pm UK time. You can either give your response in the comments section below or you can e-mail us at

I can give this away as a Steam code format for Windows or Mac, but Linux users, we’ll have to sort out how to send it over to you guys as it’s a DRM-free game available for Linux, but not on Steam for Linux.

The winner will be contacted by no later than 6pm UK time. I will e-mail the winner and ask them for how they’d like to receive their game, be it the DRM-Free option or the Steam code. We will get something sorted out for you.

Most importantly: Good luck!!!

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