Working!! is a slice of life series created by Karino Takatsu in 2005, also known as Wagnaria!! to anime fans. What is Working!! and why so many exclamation points!?

I found out about this series thanks to Kevin of The Mental Attic so many thanks Kev for sharing this amazing series with the world.

Enough shouting, let’s get down to it!



The anime follows Sōta Takanashi, a 16-year old high school student who is recruited to work in the Wagnaria restaurant that the whole show is based around. Wagnaria is a family run restaurant which is a little bit different.

This happens. A lot.

Sōta is obsessed with anything small, often breaking down over simple things such as puppies and even a girl in Wagnaria who he finds too cute. He likes things that are smaller than him as he feels he has to protect them at all costs. Other than that though he has three sisters, two of which are older than him. It’s through them and many others that he’s sort of grown to resent older women as they have caused him torment throughout his life.

Sōta is loud and is very opinionated and believes that everyone else needs to hear his opinions, so he often gets into trouble by being too much of himself. However, deep down he means well and he starts to meet his match when he meets a girl called Mahiru Inami… Who is an Androphobe (Afraid of men).

Without giving too much away, let’s just say that hilarity ensues and some of the themes covered are: Androphobia, cross-dressing and working in an abnormal kitchen.

The cast of Working!!



As usual we touch upon music and sounds which is important to note. The voices are stereotypically very Japanese when watching the subbed versions of this series, however it’s good to point out that the characters are quite easy to distinguish even when they’re shouting.

The opening theme is typical of a comedy slice of life series. It’s upbeat, happy and positive. When the last noise in the theme is a literal “Yay!” you know you’re going to be enjoying something jolly.

That is until the beatings occur!


Warnaria and its inhabitants are well designed and are simple on the eye. The designs are all relatively simple and they all look rather normal compared to some series, yet they all stand out in their own little ways.

Touching upon Mahiru Inami from earlier, she comes across as a shy type in her looks alone.

The characters are easy to distinguish and look like their personalities – A win all around!


Working!! is honestly just lovely and I can’t describe this series in any other way. At only 13 episodes, you’d be forgiven to think it’s not even a series. It does mean that buying the DVDs is pretty easy with just a few discs to keep.

The artwork is simple yet easy to distinguish and the voice acting in Japanese is very good. The theme tune is brilliant and catchy and yes, this series makes you feel happy all around. I’m happy with having watched Working!!

I shall give Wagnaria:

4.5 / 5

The only thing that could have given it that little .5 more is if the series was longer and fulfilled the story more. Where it finished off, I did feel a bit hallow, like it was over too soon. That is the only criticism I can give of this lovely, easy little gem.

Have you seen Working!!/Wagnaria!!? What did you think of it or do you know of a series similar? Please do not hesitate to leave us a message below!

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    1. Yes! A second season of this will be awesome. I really bought into it quickly as it was just such a lovely fun series.

      Thanks again for sharing it. I don’t know what I’d have done without knowing about it! :P


    1. Well said – I enjoyed this series simply because it made me smile. Even during a few “serious” topics!

      Let us know what you think of the series!


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