GeekOut Meet on the 11th

Meetup on July 11th

The next GeekOut South-West meetup is happening in Bristol on Friday 11th of July.

We’ll look to be staying in one venue from here on in rather than the near chaotic nature of going between many venues, so I’ll be speaking to the guys over at the King William Ale House to begin with and see if we can just stay there the whole night. A few people aren’t a fan of the drinks there, but it’s been a good venue for us time and time again, with enough room to accommodate all of us.

I’m hoping we’ll see some of the usual friendly faces as well as some new guys. We love doing the pub meetups as it’s a chance to just sit down with some fellow local geeks in Bristol and just talk about anything geeky in general.

Perhaps we can play some pool or some Magic: the Gathering?
Perhaps we can play some pool or some Magic: the Gathering?

So, as per usual, if you’re in or around Bristol on this day, please do not hesitate to come join in the festivities as we’d love to meet you.

The camera will be around, so if you’re not camera shy and want to be featured on this site, we’ll have to take your picture on the night! Hope to see plenty of you there.


Cosplay updates

So, I’m at work on my costumes as usual and just today I have received some more Worbla and now a new material called “Kobracast” which is basically a thermoplastic version of Plaster of Paris. Since I’m a bit of a fan of Plaster of Paris, I can’t wait to get working with Kobracast. I’m redoing the Oscar Kass mask completely from scratch and I’m hoping Kobracast will give me the desired look and feel.

Kobracast – It’s like bandages, only plastic.

With pictures I’ve seen of what people have accomplished with this material, it looks more in line with what I am trying to do. Updates will follow once the mask has been completed along with the rest of the costume. Then we’ll be one of the four costumes done!

I’ve also been working at getting more materials and more equipment for my cosplays today. I’m buying me an orbital sander so my works will look smoother (at last) and I’m going to be looking into getting more equipment over time. Watch this space, my costumes will start to improve, I can feel it!

GeekOut updates

With Joel on board, I thought this was a great outlet to share with the world that yesterday it was my birthday. Horray!

However, other than that, it was also a birthday for Joel yesterday. No we don’t share the same birthday, it was the birthday of Quotes From The Tabletop! You should head over there and check it out, but to commemorate you can now get involved with Quotes From The Tabletop via Twitter!

Check them out for awesome quotes… from the tabletop.

With this being said, there’s another small thing to keep you up to date with:

We’re going to change the front page of our humble little blog. Notice how we’ve been keeping the content pretty close to daily recently? We want to embrace that and keep it up as we want you guys to come back to a blog that actually has a lot of content. But as is, it’s a bit random what and when we post isn’t it?

Why not stay ahead of the schedule with us? At midnight (July 1st 2014), we’ll be launching our brand new timetable which will be featured on the front page and updated weekly.

The timetable will be there to let you all know what we’re going to GeekOut about on a daily basis. You’ll know when there are important updates and if you follow this site for one particular geekdom (Like yesterday we did an anime review for Working!! Go check it out), then you can now check the timetable to see when the next article on your favourite geekdom is going to be posted.

What a sweet series that was.

Plus, we felt like we needed a way to keep up with all of the series we’ve been delivering. Kickstarter Highlight is still going to continue, as is the Cosplayer Highlights. But that’s not all: There will be some new content posted up which you can be aware of by checking our timetable out. Also, from next week we’re going to have 2 separate schedules: We’ll have the timetable but we’ll also have a second box which will be full of links from the previous week in case you missed any of it!

We will attempt to bring most posts to midday every day, so that you guys can check out our content when you’re on your lunch break or when you get home.

And that’s it from me. Thanks again for sticking it out with us, you guys make this journey through geek culture what it should be: Amazing. We love each and every one of you for it.

Hey, let us know what works for you guys and what you want to see more of! I’m still dealing with my costumes, so don’t worry there will be updates on those soon! Until next time, take it easy!

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