Interview with the creators of Semi

Recently, I found out about a Kickstarter campaign for a lovely 200+ page comic called Semi.

Semi has an amazing art style and a really nice story behind it, featuring “Gods, Demons, Angels, Monsters and a spunky little girl who wants to be a gangster!”

Even better, there are 2 chapters available for free on Inkblazers.

After finding out about this lovely project, I decided I wanted to speak to the creators of Semi so I sent out an e-mail and secured us an exclusive interview with the wonderful duo! Let’s see what goes on with the creators of Semi!

Interview with the Comic artist and writer – Eudetenis (Artist) and Nezumi (Writer)

Q: Welcome to GeekOut South-West! First of all, as is customary on this site, please can you introduce yourselves?

Nezumi: I go by the name of Nezumi. I’m twenty-seven years old, and in my last year of college. I’m pursuing a bachelor degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment. Can’t wait to be done with it!

Eudetenis: I’m Eudetenis, the artist. I’m almost 24 years old, and it’s nice to meet you! :)

Q: You’re working on a new comic called Semi, which looks wonderful. What’s the inspiration behind the story?

Nezumi: I always wanted to create a long running story with a powerful females surrounded by equally powerful males. I’m a huge fan of series like, Yu Yu Hakusho, Naruto, Inuyasha, Baki the Grappler and Hajime no Ippo. I’m also really big on mythology, demons, angels and all kinds of supernatural craziness! All of that basically came together to create the plot of Semi!

Q: What about the art direction? Why did you opt for a manga styled visual?

Nezumi: My love for anime/manga stems back to my childhood days of watching Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and Yu Yu Hakusho on Toonami. It was the highlight of my day and during school the only thing I thought about. I fell in love with the Japanese art style and to this day I am a huge fan! I just love the look of it.

Q: You’re looking to raise $4,500 for this project. Most of the money is going towards getting the comic printed; How hard has the process been to get to this point so far?

Nezumi: I’ve been planning the Kickstarter campaign for the last year. I wouldn’t say the process was hard but I dealt with a lot of research. I literally had to read up on everything as I knew nothing about how the website worked. I also had to contact many, many different printing companies. Overall it was a lot of time-consuming work and I spent more hours then one would think on it!

Q: How long have you both known one another? Has this affected anything in the comic in any way?

Nezumi: I’ve known Eudetenis for over a year now! I can’t believe the time has gone by so quickly. In my opinion the length of time that we have know each other has made our relationship better. I don’t feel as if I’m dealing with just a ‘business associate’ I feel as I’m dealing with a friend and trust me this makes the experience far better. We get along pretty damn well and I hope that continues for years, and years to come.

Eudetenis: I met Nezumi on Deviantart around a year ago (I’m not so sure =p). She was looking for someone to do illustrations and her comic, called Semi. I accepted, liked the story, and then we talked about weird things everyday on my Livestream sessions. In some way, we started to really love each other. I want to support everything she wants to do and I’m so happy she wanted to hire me!


Q: You’ve been featuring two chapters for free via Inkblazers. Why Kickstarter and why now?

Nezumi: The volume is set to be complete by the end of this year, which means its time for us to go to print! I’ve started the Kickstarter so that we could make this happen! To have the actual book in my hands is going to be enough to have me dancing around the room with pure joy!


Q: The art looks absolutely stunning and the story is great; What advice would you give any would be writers or artists out there, looking to make their own comic?

Nezumi: As a writer the first advice I would give is to write a character, not a stereotype! Build your story around that character and what they have experienced in life. From there, craft your plot and jot down all the things you want to happen. As you continue to work on the story it will come together and you’ll notice that your characters will develop their own voices making them easier to write! All in all creating a story should be FUN! No matter what remember that! Write what YOU want to write not what OTHERS want you to write!

Eudetenis: Firstly you have to know: What is needed to make a good comic? Even if you just draw, it’s important to know the basics of storytelling so that the story will make sense. Second is the narrative: even if your drawing skills aren’t so great, with good narrative and sequence, your comic can be good. Third is all relating to drawings, from basic perspective to effects, practicing everyday will sure make a result!


Q: What’s in the foreseeable future for you both? Will you continue to create comics together, or is this a one off?

Nezumi: I really hope to continue making more comics with Eudetenis! I have a quite a few other ideas that would look great as comics! However, for now Semi is the main focus and will be for a great deal of time!

Eudetenis: I want to support Semi until the end! I like interesting stories and I’m sure Nezumi has many surprises awaiting us!

Q: You come across very enthusiastic about your comic and it’s obvious that a lot of care and attention has gone into every page. Other than your comic – What are your passions and “geekdoms”? What do you enjoy doing the most?

Nezumi: I really enjoy watching Star Trek and Dr. Who! I’m also a huge fan of reading fanfiction! Like… I’m a major fanfiction reader and use to write the stuff all the time. I still would if I had the time! I do enjoy MMORPG as well. I used to play WoW nonstop and recently I got into Elder Scrolls Online! It’s great and I’m totally looking forward to the justice system they should be introducing soon!

Eudetenis: I love my husband (he writes comics, novels and is also my manager)!! He taught me how to draw and how to create a story! He supports me everyday! I love to draw our personal comics! It’s marvelous to see the characters you were dreaming of for years come to life. It’s amazing how personal experiences in life can change the way you see the world and somehow find its way into your comics! Also I like to draw random things on paper – and I love my cat, portable videogames and music!

Q: Last question now; If people want to keep up to date with your future endeavors, is there any way for us to see what you’re both up to? Any websites or pages to watch?

Nezumi:  You can follow me here: and

Eudetenis: You can check out my works at: and

I’d like to extend my thanks to both Nezumi and Eudetenis for their time with us today. Remember to check out the Kickstarter Campaign! Click here!

With a great looking comic, a wonderful narrative and awesome artwork, Semi is looking in good shape to be kickstarted. I’ve backed this, I can’t wait to receive an actual physical copy of the comic which’ll sit very nicely on my bookshelf (Once I’m done reading it, of course!)
The aspect I enjoyed the most however is the passion these two have for their work. They were eager to sit down and chat to us and for that, I’d really like to thank them.
If you’ve made a project and want to have an interview with us at GeekOut South-West, why not contact us at or use the Contact Us page? Did you all enjoy the insight to this comic? How about the actual comic itself, has it enticed you to back it or even purchase it when it’s fully backed? Let us know in the comments below!


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