Kickstarter Highlight – Hoverbike


Do you like to hover?

Do you like bikes?

Would you like to hover on a Hoverbike?

Yes, we’re back once again for another amazing Kickstarter Highlight!




What is it?

Well I think I’ve kinda led you down the garden path, cuffed you to the fence and ran away slightly reader: This isn’t an opportunity to go out there and buy yourself a fully functioning Hoverbike. Wait readers, where are you going!?

No, instead this is a Kickstarter Highlight that I wanted to show off purely for the ambition that’s there as well as the fact that the future is here, people! Yes, Hoverbike is already funded and I’m hoping that we get to see many of the full-sized ones flying around our skies eventually. I’m sure we will – and it was made in England! Fellow Brits, let’s feel proud about this fact.

Pride over.

The Hoverbike itself is there to be a kind of replacement to a helicopter. Smaller, lighter and easier to manoeuvre than a helicopter, the Hoverbike is looking to be the next step in air travel. The Kickstarter itself however isn’t there to sell the full-sized Hoverbikes; that’s going to be some time before that can even be funded properly. Instead, there are some 1/3 sized versions of the Hoverbike ready for sale.

Okay, you and I will likely not be able to afford these 1/3 sized Hoverbikes, but here’s the thing: It’s bloody cool and I just wanted to share this!

What do they need the money for?

The money will be going towards building sales for their 1/3 sized Hoverbikes which in turn will go towards funding the big-daddyo itself.

With the 1/3 sized ones, you’ll basically be buying into a remote controlled helicopter in bike form. So, if you’re really into your flying RC equipment then this might be the Kickstarter campaign for you! Of course, having just seen how cool they look along with how cool the rewards are, I think it’s fair to say this is a pretty sweet way to get into your RC flying mobiles hardcore.

See, this would seriously make me want a bike – if it could fly!!!

What are the backer rewards?

  • Pledge £3 or more

    CAD model of Cyborg-Buster ready for 3D printing + big thanks on our website supports wall. CAD model is 1/3rd scale human, semi-articulated, and has a space in his head specially designed for a Go-Pro camera and ready to place on your 1/3rd scale Hoverbike drone.

    Estimated delivery: Sep 2014
    Pledge £21 or more

    Hoverbike t-shirt with your choice from our range of artworks based on the latest Hoverbike prototype. Our t-shirts are proudly worn by our staff and supporters when at airshows, events, raves and around the home ;)

    Estimated delivery: Sep 2014
    Add £5 to ship outside the UK
    Pledge £32 or more

    MAcro Micro: Our custom designed Arduino Micro compatible board with 12 3A digital channels, analog output, 30V input range and built in low pass filters We use this to drive the on-board leds on our 1/3rd scale drone, however this can be used in robotics, around the home and even a stepper motor driver!

    Estimated delivery: Oct 2014
    Add £5 to ship outside the UK
    Pledge £72 or more

    Our very own custom-designed Hoverbike carrybag for keeping your drone safe and easy to carry. You can even use this bag to carry your flight suit and helmet when we finish the manned full size Hoverbike!

    Estimated delivery: Sep 2014
    Pledge £595 or more

    Barebones Hoverbike 1/3rd Scale drone: This stripped-down package includes a fully assembled frame, motors and propellers, and is for a person with experience and desire to use their own flight controller, batteries, and ESC.

    Estimated delivery:
    Nov 2014
    Add £15 to ship outside the UK

Are you ready to see flying Hoverbikes around the place!? I certainly am.

How cool do you think this project is? If you had the money, would you get one of the RC drones? Speaking of Remote Control drones, have you ever had any experience with remote controlled vehicles? Until next time, this has been another Kickstarter Highlight!