GeekOut Meetup 15/08/2014 – Photos

The Blogversation is on hold for this week, as next week we touch on a new topic within our Blogversation on the “Merits of gaming”.

However, just yesterday we had a Big Geek Meet here in lovely ol’ Bristol and as such, I thought I’d share with you all: Some pictures of our meet.

We started the game with a Geek Quiz which I will include at the bottom of this. If you know the answers great, answer in the comments section. Try not to use Google please ;)! I’ll give the answers to the quiz next Saturday.


So go ahead and have a gander through. Come join in the fun, here’s our quiz questions – Answer them as best you can and next Saturday, the answers will be here. Our next GeekOut meet is now set for Friday 12th September – The Friday after Alcon!

Geek quiz

Book time

1) How many Game of Thrones books are currently released?
2) In Discworld, how many books feature the character Rincewind in some way?
3) What book was written in 1965 by Frank Herbert?
4) Marvin, the Manically Depressed Robot is from The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, but he also has been known by another name – What was it?
5) How many Harry Potter books are there in all?

Otaku time

1) You can find the characters “Chiaotzu”, “Dende” and “Trunks” in what anime?
2) Who am I dressed up “like” today? (N.B: The truly astute among you will notice there’s lots of things wrong with my costume, yes, thank you, I get it.)
3) How many Pokemon were featured in the original Pokemon games?
4) What does the character Hatsune Miku originate from?
5) What’s the name of the band of all female teenage Japanese singers and dancers who perform a mix of Metal and Idol music? Their songs include “Gimme Chocolate” and “Headbanger”.

Gaming time

1) What is the video game genre characterised by level randomisation, tile-based graphics and permanent death?
2) Guybrush Threepwood is a mighty pirate, but what video game series is he from?
3) The Software Distribution platform “Steam” was developed by who?
4) What was the horror board game where you played either a VHS Tape or a DVD in the background to act as a timer and the “host” of the game you had to beat?
5) Trafalgar Square is a card and property in Monopoly. What colour set is it from?

Tech time

1) What programming language was the game Minecraft written in?
2) How many Operating Systems are made under the “Windows” name? N.B If you know the exact answer, WHAT THE HECK!? But, I will accept a rounded number to the nearest 10s.
3) What is the Virtual Reality headset that was backed on Kickstarter which has people like John Carmack (Of Id Software(Doom) fame) working on it?
4) Who initially developed Structured Query Language?
5) Who sold the Amiga personal computers in the 1980s and 1990s?

Comic time

1) What superhero was recently recast as a female.
2) Which comic is the character “Gambit” from?
3) Who is “The Merc With a Mouth”?
4) “Dr. Alec Holland had all the answers… he was an intelligent man… but Alec Holland is dead… and in his place stands only a… “ what?
5) “The Weird” is a fictional character in the Marvel Comics universe or the DC Comics universe?

Geek time

1) What is the hypothetical device that manipulates symbols on a strip of tape according to a table of rules? This has been used to simulate the logic of computer algorithms.
2) What is the “Party game for Horrible People” called? (Yes, this is shameless advertising.)
3) What is the most popular series on YouTube? (N.B: My clue to this is simply that it’s not PewDiePie.)
4) When was the movie “The Dark Knight” released?
5) Who lit lamps wirelessly in two separate locations, proving the power of wireless transmission in 1891? We need the first and last name please.

Picture time

Check out the PDF for the cropped pictures. You don’t need to give us specifics.


So okay, it was all a little cheeky and cheesy, but it got people talking and teams of 3s were formed. Although we had one team end up a team of 5… But the winning team was called A Really Bad Stripper. Hoo boy, that’s probably not PG.

Come forward, answer the quiz questions and tell us how beautiful we all look. We know it’s true. I’ve got some really unflattering pictures as I was having beard troubles that day. I literally had a full beard earlier that day and it wasn’t shaving off properly. Great, isn’t it?