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What I did on my holidays

At the age of 25 I am already sick to death of my birthdays. I managed to mitigate the annoyance this year by taking myself off to spend the weekend with a couple of friends from university near Liverpool. There was still cake, a nice meal at Nandos that I didn’t have to pay for, and they even sang happy-birthday to/at me before I left, all in all I think I got off lightly.

Liverpool being a city, it has a couple of decent nerd-shops, a Forbidden Planet, and a cool comic-book shop called Worlds Apart being the main ones within easy reach of the train station. My friends are both in the computer games industry (read Beki’s Gamer-Highlight interview here) and have recently jumped both-feet-first into board gaming, so suffice to say, I was in for a nerdy holiday.

The first thing we do, after a quick cuppa, is hop the short train to Liverpool and immediately head for Worlds Apart. With incredible fortitude for someone with birthday money in his pocket, I resolved not to buy anything, and still walked away with Magic Cards. I manage to do the same in Forbidden Planet before heading off to eat. Now by this point you wouldn’t expect there to be much left open other than super-markets, pubs and restaurants, but it turns out the Lego shop doesn’t close all that early, and I’d been looking for the Metalbeard/Micromanager set for a while with no success. I left Liverpool a much happier man, and considering the drive had taken twice as long as it should have done, that was no small ask.

That evening and the day following were mostly spent playing games. I’d brought Munchkin Apocalypse and Tsuro with me, and I managed to get a round of Galaxy Trucker in, still not sure how I didn’t lose that, weird game. I spent a surprising amount of time dodging Nerf bullets.

I was also introduced to a new comic, one that I’d seen Beki posting on Facebook, Rat Queens; a D&D styled adventuring party discover that they’re a little less welcome in town than they thought. I have to say it’s got a fantastic cast of very well written characters, and while the fact that all of the protagonists are female should, these days, be a minor thing, it only serves to make them more compelling.

I resolved to stay over Monday while my friends were at work, the only bribe it took was being told their work mates come over for a board games night, I am just that weak-willed. To fill the time, I took myself back into Liverpool. I spent, maybe half an hour in Forbidden Planet chatting to… I think his name was Shane? Dude, if you ever read this I am sorry, I have always been lousy with names, I haven’t forgotten you, just your name. We just talked games for ages, and it was awesome because I’ve never met the guy before, probably never will again, although he did tell me about some mini-comic-conventions they have in some of the local hotels, so who knows?

And, now I have a copy of Batman: Court of Owls to read. Thanks for nothing Liverpool! Now I’m skint again!

Board games night was great. You all know by now that I love meeting new gamers, and these guys were fun. I was a little annoyed that I had to leave as early as I did.

I live for this, I live my life to the nerdiest. Nerds are the best people, we are welcoming, our community is intensely friendly, and we judge you, not on who you are, but what you love. So why would you want to be anyone else? Take a nerd holiday, go to a convention, book a caravan and take a bunch of gamers with you. Somehow taking all your hobbies from home to anywhere else makes them more enjoyable.

Go forth and be nerdy!


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  1. It sounds like you had a lovely time, glad to hear you had a great birthday! :) – Kim


    August 19, 2014 at 6:44 am

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