Kickstarter Highlight – Legend of Lotus

Do you like Legends?

How about RPGs?

Do you like Legends about Lotus’s (..?) – wait this has to be my worst opening yet..!

Well look no further my friends, as fellow bloggers Legend of Lotus have created an awesome game with the RPG Maker platform and they’re looking for your help!



Legend of Lotus

What is it?

Legend of Lotus is an RPG being created by some of our fellow WordPress bloggers who have been documenting their journey through developing their very own RPG. They are creating everything, from the code in the games to the artwork and sprites. If you want to check out what they’ve done up until now, do check out their awesome blog.

In the world of Genos, which is inhabited by humans and elves who live in harmony, the Lotus stone is bringing sentient lives to… Well life. A subset of the elves played with the dangerous energies of the Lotus, which caused an explosion, destroying the shared capital of the humans and elves.

Faces are all over the places.

Because this has been made with RPG Maker VX software, the flexibility is pretty remarkable. The picture above is a picture from in-game, where Shane has had his picture put into the game itself. So, looks like the rewards for helping these guys out could lead to some memorable places to have your… Faces… Poetry strikes again.

There’s a rich story and plenty of hours have been poured into this. It’s been brilliant reading through their development posts over on the Legend of Lotus blog.

What do they need the money for?

They are asking for just $2,000 to get this game made.

The cash helps them get the correct licenses and helps to pay for anything they need to finish the game off. At just $2,000, this might be the lowest ever ask on a Kickstarter Highlight.

One of the other things they want to buy is a domain name for their website (Rather than being stuck to the generic “” domain). By pledging just a few dollars today, you can help them on their way to making Legend of Lotus a commercially viable success and this could even lead to bigger and greater things from the small team!

What are the rewards?

Oh damn you and your reward wanting, isn’t the warm fuzzy feeling enough? No? Okay, carry on then…

  • Pledge $1 or more

    SUPPORTER! Your name in Credits + Digi. Wallpaper and our Eternal Gratitude.

    Estimated delivery: Jan 2015

    Pledge $5 or more

    DIGI-BACKER-MON! Below Rewards + Digital Comic and Digital OST.
    Estimated delivery: Jan 2015

    Pledge $10 or more

    EARLYBIRD! Below Rewards + Beta Testing and Full Game! [Limited Backer Discount!]

    Estimated delivery: Jan 2015
    Pledge $15 or more

    OLDSKOOL GAMER! Below Rewards + Beta Testing and Full Game with Digi. Guide and Art.
    Estimated delivery: Jan 2015

    Pledge $20 or more

    401K Tier! Below Rewards + House with a plaque named after you. Players will forever know that you… ‘InsertNameHere’ Supported Legend of Lotus! A wise investment!
    Estimated delivery: Jan 2015

    Pledge $30 or more

    SELFIE Tier! Below Rewards + You in a pic. or sketch in a framed picture in the game. Just like Shane and his cat! (see pic.)
    Estimated delivery: Jan 2015

There we have it, if you feel like you want to share the WordPress love, then please do go ahead and back this game. It looks brilliant and I hope they get the funding they’re looking for!

For the record, I’ve pledged myself, so please do help these guys out. They’re truly lovely people and I’m excited to see what they’ve made!

What do you all think of the game? Have you visited their blog before? Have you used the RPG Maker software? It’s damn good fun, if not! Give it a try if you get the chance to.

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