GeekOut Updates – We’re at Alcon

Hi everyone,


Where are we?

Joel and myself are at Alcon today. Actually, we were here yesterday too, but you might have guessed that we love you guys so much: We didn’t want to leave you all out of the fun and activities here on GeekOut.

During Alcon we’ll be taking plenty of pictures, like these terrible ones from Timlah’s phone (I apologise for my lack of crop facilities!)


I… Might have gone mad!


Yes, we’re having a great time already but we thought we’d explain a few things about what’s happening here on the GeekOut blog and generally how things are going. Well it’s been a roller-coaster ride of a year. This website started thanks to me attending Ayacon 2013 and I’ve spouted this a few times but I’ll explain the premise all over again – because it has been a year.


What we’ve come from

During Ayacon 2013, it was like everything suddenly clicked for me. I understood why I was a geek: It was to share in my experiences and my passion with you guys, my fellow geeks. However, I also met a man at Ayacon Apocalypse. His name is Joel and we gelled immediately. I was dressed up as “Hoshimitsu Samu-San“, the American man who tried desperately to be a Japanese warrior, but he was a bit of a lumbering idiot. No: This character does NOT exist and yes – people believed he did after I sold the character with such conviction. Joel approached me, probably with caution, to promote Quotes From the Tabletop – So go check it out. It ended up that we just chilled out and spoke for over an hour solid and we traded details so we could keep in touch with one another.

Hoshimitsu Samu-San: Picture a severely overweight Ken Masters…with a headband.

After 6 months of being around, I met up with Joel for a second time at Kitacon Invasion… And it was from here that everything truly kicked off for us. We physically met up with the beautiful Kim and the ingenious Phil of 1001-Up, now both Joel and myself write there as well as here. We met up as both myself and the 1001-Up team loved one another’s works and we just wanted the chance to meet our fellow blogger. I also offered them a chance to see some cosplay up close and play a game of Cards Against Humanity. We want to share our passions with the world so much, that we write as much as we can – No matter how good or bad our articles might get. GeekOut South-West is a free blog for life.

Joel joined us in May 2014 and we finally started work on pushing out to the tabletop gamers out there. It helps that Joel is also an avid video gamer and to make it even better: He taps into an audience I never could – the TV geeks which is an audience we want to tap into some time in the foreseeable future. Our reach over the whole of geekdom is a long and arduous path, but it’s one we intend to see to the end.

We're a lovely bunch aren't we? We use this picture so damn much because we look so damn beautiful. I'm being vain.
We’re a lovely bunch aren’t we? We use this picture so damn much because we look so damn beautiful. Credit to Phil.


Now where are we?

It’s bizarrely fitting that we post this whilst Joel and myself are at Alcon 2014. We met at a convention one year ago now… one year ago also gave birth to GeekOut South-West, a social group, a blog and a chance to talk geek amongst peers.

In this year, we’ve had over 8500 views,

Tell us if we’re doing things right – or even if we’re not doing things right! We love to hear from you, no matter what it is you want to tell us. We read everything you guys send us, so thank you for all of the time you have put in to reading our articles. It means the world to us. Hey better yet: Are you interested in joining our tiny little crew here at GeekOut and spreading the Geek Love!? Write to us and drop us an e-mail. Below is a contact form, use it to tell us whatever you want… And now I’m worried but I shouldn’t be, as you guys are amazing.