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Kickstarter Highlight – Tabletop Towns


Do you like Tabletops?

Do you like Towns?

Do you want to have Towns on your Tabletops!? Urgh, what is this… Yes, welcome back it’s time for another innovative Kickstarter Highlight and this week, we’re eerily ahead of schedule. No, really – Carry on my dear reader.


Tabletop Towns – Hab Units

What is it?

Whenever you play a tabletop war game, you tend to get sucked into a world filled with these colourfully painted units. This is a world that has been expertly crafted by the war game you’re playing and presented in handouts, via books, tokens, you name it.

Sometimes however, we want more and we want a lot more. We want to experience the best the world has to offer us and in tabletop gaming, we basically still only have our imaginations to go by, which is a great thing. But how about having a build-able town for your tabletop campaigns? A chance to be able to customise your very own environment? Perhaps you’re a war-gamer and you want to have something for your tabletop war games without paying over the odds for some pre-made buildings? How about the humble role player who’s looking to add a splash of extra into their tabletop environment during the campaign?

Tabletop Towns is just that. They’re “towns” you can piece together to create a visual aid for your stuff. They are also container units, so double up as a flat-packable storage unit of sorts. Pretty neat-o! Tabletop Towns has been around on Kickstarter before with 3 previous campaigns, all of which were successful. This time, they are offering their Hab Units as a kickstart-able product.


How much are they looking for and what are the rewards for backers?

See, I somehow caught this one on Twitter before the Kickstarter Campaign went live. I just loved the idea and thought it’d be great to share this one with you all.


It’s an exciting little project, with what promises to be a relatively inexpensive finished product. I can’t wait to see the full Kickstarter Campaign. I will update this post come the time we have information on how much they are pledging for as well as the rewards.


We’ve actually seen that the campaign is now live! Hurrah!

Here are the tiers and rewards:


  • Pledge £1 or more

    Supporter – You like our work and want to support us but do not want any of the rewards. Or maybe you want to see how this develops? Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

    Pledge £20 or more

    Standard set of 8 Hab units, 4 Pointed pieces, 4 Barriers and 4 panel wraps ============================= Approx $33 ============================= Free shipping to UK USA Europe ============================= Rest of world add £4

    Pledge £34 or more

    Double set of 16 hab units, 8 Pointed pieces, 8 Barriers and 8 panel wraps ============================= Approx $55 ============================= Free shipping to UK USA Europe ============================= Rest of world add £6

    Pledge £55 or more

    Super set of 32 Hab units, 16 Pointed pieces, 16 Barriers and 16 panels wraps ============================= Approx $90 ============================= Free shipping to UK USA Europe ============================= Rest of world add £8


The project is looking for just £4,395. The money will be going towards the actual printing of these awesome little hab units. The hab units can be used to build your very own sci-fi themed props for your war-games. Heck, if you wanted to add these into a role play, then I’d say these would make a great addition to those, too.

This is their standard set, which looks awesome!

At just 3″ square and just 2″ high, plus the fact these are flat-packable units, these are ultra portable and ultra useful little props for your games. Go ahead and back them!

What do you think about this project? It seems the creator has got some great credentials on his back to make this a reality. Would you use these Tabletop Towns in your tabletop games? What kind of games would you use them for? As always, let us know in the comments below.

Until next time, this has been another exciting (although actually pre-emptive) Kickstarter Highlight!

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