Bristol-Con – Are you in?

Bristol-Con is an annual one day convention held in the heart of Bristol. Not surprising, since it is called Bristol-Con.

Bristol-Con looks to promote Sci-Fi and Fantasy, giving authors, artists and even game enthusiasts a chance to get together. There’s great chances to network with other authors/artists, as well as being able to showcase your works.

Held in the Doubletree Hotel which is basically just across the road from Bristol Temple Meads train station, Bristol-Con will start in the morning, hosting panels and activities throughout the day until the evening.

If you’re an author or are an artist and you’re looking for exposure, then Bristol-Con might just be the place for you. Also, if you’re part of the general public like me, then you’d be amazed at the series of informative panels, activities and stuff they sell in shops.

Also, this year it looks like Bristol-Con are taking Sci-Fi and Fantasy games a lot more seriously. As an avid gamer myself, I have to thank them for this. For more information on this, please check out their official post on the matter.

This year however, they weren’t prepared for one thing.


GeekOut South-West are taking to Bristol-Con

Yes it’s true, Bristol-Con and GeekOut South-West have been in discussions and the amazingly lovely Jo Hall has offered us a severely discounted price (providing you are part of GeekOut South-West on Meetup.)

Click the logo to be taken to our Meetup page!
Click the Meetup logo to be taken to the GeekOut going to Bristol-Con event!

The wonderful people at Bristol-Con have given us a special discounted rate of £15 for between 10-20 people or £12 for more than 20 people. We can’t go wrong with these prices as normally it’s £25 to buy a ticket or £30 on the door!

As such, they’ve offered us a better than half-price deal. Thanks guys!

To make this event even sweeter, they’ve teamed up with the amazing Bristol Bad Film Club to deliver all Bristol-Con goers a chance to watch an awful film called The Uninvited. This is about a killer cat. Okay, I’m sold.

Please note, if you come for the GeekOut session, we’ve not gotten a deal on the bad film, which if you pay in advance is £5. If you pay on the door, it’s £6 and profits go to charity.

We’ll end the night on a high by going to a pub, but I think we’ll leave the pub decision until the very end of the day when we can all decide together what/where we want to do and go. It’ll be a long day, full of laughs, talks and I’ll bring some card games. Oh gosh, I didn’t mean Zombie Fluxx again did I?! I’ll need to get some new games!!

Oh yeah and I might have said I’ll be getting dressed up as Twoflower, probably closer to the movie version.

Yes, I’ll be making a case for my actual camera to do those kinds of shots.


I’m getting all tear-y eyed

It feels strangely apt that I make this post today…

You see, exactly one year ago, I joined WordPress. One of the first groups that I ever reached out to was in fact Bristol-Con. As such, I’d like to extend my thanks to you, old reader and new reader alike. I’d also like to thank Bristol-Con, including Jo Hall and Cheryl Morgan for being kind to this local Bristol geek and his idea of running a social group. I’d like to think GeekOut South-West is turning pretty successful with over 100 members on the Meetup page.

We joined Meetup in January this year and we’ve not looked back since. We’ve been on the up in all aspects, be it the social group and be it via the blog. As such, to everyone we’ve ever spoken to as a group: Thank you. No matter what your contribution was: Thank you.

Now that the grovelling is over, here’s to another many years of GeekOut South-West content and to many more years for Bristol-Con.

Do you like the looks of Bristol-Con? Have you been to it before or do you know of anything similar? As always, please do share your experiences in the comments section below and we’ll speak to you all very soon!

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