Drafting the new Magic: The Gathering block

Any MTG players in our readership?

Well if you’re not, I recommend jumping on a draft as a great way to learn. With a quick intro to the rules you can use a draft to put together a simple deck and get a few games in with people who are on a similar footing as you. For those who don’t know, this is how you draft:

  1. Each person starts with three booster packs (15 cards each)
  2. Everyone opens a pack, takes a card and passes the rest on
  3. Repeat until all the cards are gone
  4. Repeat for the other two packs
  5. By the end, everyone has 45 cards and builds a deck of 40 cards (including lands) and plays

Simple and effective. There’s no spending a fortune on amazing cards, everyone has had the same chances and it’s a great way to learn and play with friends without feeling too keenly for your inexperience.

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