Kickstarter Highlight – The Dice Chest

Next in our Kickstarter Highlight series, we look at a seriously cool storage box for all of your DMing and dice rolling needs!

Do you like dice?

Do you like chests of the storage variety?

Do you like chests that are hand made for you and your dice storage and rolling needs? Well then look no further as we return to Kickstarter Highlight!


The Dice Chest – A High Quality Dice Box and Rolling Tray

What is it?

It’s quite hard to make anything up about this one, so instead let’s give you the cold hard facts. These storage chests for your dice can hold up to 96 dice. The chests have been expertly crafted and look beautiful.


These chests are made out of high quality, sturdy woods. One important point is that with the custom made chests from $50 and up, you get to pick your own wood. As it stands the lower priced chests are made of white ash. The standard chests contain a natural finish and they look phenomenal! With a felt interior, you are guaranteed a smooth roll for your dice. But these chests are able to do more.

The chests are not only awfully convenient for carrying your dice around and rolling your dice in, they are perfect for making them sneaky rolls in, for all you Dungeon Masters and sneaky roguish players out there. The lids double up as a great screen guard against your dice rolls. Plus, you get a lovely looking emblem and the corner pieces. I honestly don’t see my DMing campaigns being so cheap looking any more! What’s more, the designers of these boxes are promising to have the boxes out by Christmas. So, this is especially good for those of you who want a present for your dice-loving maniac friends and family.

How much do they need?

Dice Box 2

They are asking for just $500.

… What I didn’t tell you reader is that at the time of writing, these boxes were already up to $13,064 with 32 days left on the clock! There’s no real surprise here as the designers, Dog Might Games, are already on their third campaign with this dice box set.

Couple their knowledge with the quality look and feel of these ergonomic chests of dice-rolling glory, you can be sure we’re nowhere near the finish-line with these boxes.


What are the rewards?


You don’t get many “cheap” options here for good reason:

Dice Box 3

CLASSIC DICE CHEST $30 – Strength and quality without the frills. This Dice Chest is made from White Ash with natural finish, and green felt.

CUSTOM DICE CHEST $45 – Epic and unique. This Dice Chest is made from White Ash with your choice of finish option, felt option and corner option. See all available options below.

DICE CHEST & SYMBOL $60 – Add a custom hand cut metal symbol to your Dice Chest. Symbols are available in brass, and aluminium. This Dice Chest is made from White Ash with your choice of finish option, felt option, corner option, and hand-cut metal symbol option. Use one of our designs or submit an image and have one made specifically for you. See all available options below.

These are the three more affordable options and I admit, I am going to dig deep into my wallet as I know one of these are perfect Christmas presents for a few friends of mine.


So, what do you think about the quality of these rolling and storage boxes? Do their looks entice you to play more tabletop games? Have you got a storage box that looks anything like this? Does the concept interest you?

As always, please drop us a comment and we will see you all again for another awesome Kickstarter Highlight!

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