GeekOut South-West meet 10/10/2014

It’s true ladies and gentlemen, we have now finished another month of meeting in a pub for a geeky gathering filled with gleeful giggles and gags. With so many new members and people travelling from London and Shrewsbury for the event, it’s no wonder that these GeekOut meetups are getting bigger and better. I wanted to extend my thanks personally to every single person who came along, so here’s a post dedicated to the recently passed GeekOut South-West meetup.

As always, we started things slowly. By the time we had gotten to the pub after our meal at Sticks & Broth, we knew it was going to be a brilliant night. With so many people there before we arrived, we could just feel the night was going to be a big one and that it was. For the record, we did arrive before the 7pm start time… Just. There were so many people who came to join us, even if it wasn’t for the full night – the spirit of GeekOut is strong! It’s a gathering of like-minded individuals who revel in all things geeky.

GeekOut Sam

Before we continue with the usual gallery of pictures from the event, I’d just like to take a minute to specially thank Kim and Phil. I know I mention them a lot on the site and of course, I too am a writer for 1001-Up, however they took the time to travel all the way from London for the event. I met them both in March as part of our Kitacon experience. They were in Rezzed which was in a building quite literally next door to the venue Joel and myself were at. The two websites took a chance and we decided we liked one another’s works enough to warrant a meetup between us.

So I met them both in a Weatherspoons pub quite early in the day where I brought along that naughty game, Cards Against Humanity. It was through this fantastic meeting that Kim, Phil and myself realised we were going to affect one another’s lives for the better in many ways.


But they weren’t the only two to travel far. In fact, Joel came down to Bristol all the way from Shrewsbury. Watch this space folks as soon Joel is hosting the next highly successful Games Day over in his home town. If you’re around the area, do go pay him a visit and go play some awesomely geeky games. He’d love to see you there! Tell him that you found out about the Games Day through the GeekOut South-West blog!

The photos provided were made by the lovely Kim, so please do go check her stuff out over at 1001-Up and we’ll see you all again next month for another GeekOut South-West meetup!


Oh, but by the end of the weekend, I decided to take a few seconds to learn me a little jingle to play on the Keytar… Without delaying it any more, here’s a video showing me playing a very simplified version of “Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat”. Thank you, Keyboard Cat.

For the original Keyboard Cat, check the video below out.


What did you think of our look back at the GeekOut South-West meetup that just passed? Do you have ideas to get a Geeky meet in your area? What would you have brought along to the “Pitch My Geeky Item” competition? Do you think you would have beaten the Necomimi’s which won the £20 prize for one lucky winner? As always, please do comment below and we’ll see you again next month for another look back over meetup events!

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