Interview with Little Nando

Sometimes you just want to read a good manga which is all about time-travel. Other times, you want to read a good manga about lawyers going at it. What about combining both of these to create a whole new manga? Well, somebody who goes by the name Little Nando already has. Let’s take a look at his manga-influenced comic book, Silvertongue 30XX.

Sometimes you just want to read a good manga which is all about time-travel. Other times, you want to read a good manga about lawyers going at it. What about combining both of these to create a whole new manga? Well, somebody who goes by the name Little Nando already has. Let’s take a look at his manga-influenced comic book, Silvertongue 30XX.

Interview with Little Nando

Creating a comic in this day and age has gotten easier in the creation aspect, from the invention of the internet to the technology we can use. However, it’s getting harder to get recognised out there. Little Nando took the initiative to send me an e-mail, sending a copy of his manga and I read through it. I’m happy to announce I loved every second of his awesome story! As such, I wanted to share some of the awesome artwork and an incredibly enthusiastic interview I had with him.


Interview with Little Nando

Q: Welcome to GeekOut South-West. Before we get into the questions, could you introduce yourself for our readers?

A: Sure! My name is Nando Sarmiento, a.k.a. Little Nando. I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina and I’m a video game designer, film director, and now manga writer! :)

Silvertongue 30xx

Q: You wrote in to us and shared a brilliant manga called Silvertongue 30XX that you and your artist, Chris Mullins, worked on. Can you tell us a little bit more about Silvertongue 30XX?

A: I studied in film school, in Argentina. Doing film here is… well, almost impossible. There’s no industry. So most people do commercial jobs. At least, that was my case.

I had lots and lots of ideas for film, and one day I decided: Hey, I should make comic books instead!! So this is my first comic.

Silvertongue 30XX tells the story of Silvertongue Hernandez, a time-travelling lawyer who’s set to travel space-time and re-do trials of the century, with the objective of reshaping humanity in order for us humans to win a huge war in the future. Kinda like, Inception meets Terminator 2 meets… Phoenix Wright. Something like that :)

Q: What made you decide to write this story? Did the story come before the artwork or did the artist come to you for a story?

A: I always wanted to create my own James Bond. My own Indiana Jones, character. I figured that, nobody had made a James Bond out of a… lawyer character. I wanted to do ACTION SEQUENCES and LAW, all mixed together and try to make it work. For years I had the idea in my head, but it wasn’t until I saw INCEPTION, by Cristopher Nolan, that I understood/realised how I should do my comic.


I wrote it all, but the project wasn’t complete until I met Chris Mullins’ and his art. I fell instantly in love with it. It has a retro manga style that’s just amazing. So the story came first, then Mullins came in and we both decided to make it more like a Lupin III kinda thing, which I also love.

Q: What made you settle on Manga styled art, rather than a western styled comic?

A: Originally I wanted the make the comic very serious, very… Watchmen, super western-styled. But when I saw Mullins’ work I instantly knew that the story would benefit of having more of a One Piece tone, wacky manga. I also happen to love Lupin III and manga in general, so we decided to take a swing at it.

Q: The story of Silvertongue 30XX is brilliant and I really enjoyed checking it out. Where can people go to get updates about Silvertongue and where to purchase the comics?

A: For now you can get the comics only on my site, but I am trying to change that. I would love to get some publisher to publish the comic in Europe and the US.

Space-Time District Attorney

Q: What are the influences behind Silvertongue 30XX? Are there any writers, comics or artists in particular that you drew your influences from?

A: Whoa, a lot, I think! I’m guessing Mullins has his influences, for the art. For me, story-wise, my influences were Inception, Mad Men, House M.D., Indiana Jones and Lost.

Q: You also have mentioned to me in the past your live shows that are on LittleNando. What can you tell us about the shows?

A: Oh, yes. I’m working on a live video game experience called Tough Coded: Live. It’s a live shmup video game, kinda like 1942, but that you play against myself, wearing a helmet a’la Daft Punk. I’m planning on releasing a desktop version of the game too, which will feature live events as well, but that you’d be able to play from your home. I’ve been touring the world with it, already showcased the game at Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Paris, Utrecht, and Berlin. You can check out more of this at the Tough Coded website!

Q: Away from LittleNando, writing and comics now, what are you like as a person?

A: I’m probably like Silvertongue himself. A caffeine-addicted asshole.

Coffee addiction

Q: When you’re not writing or thinking up the next instalment in your comic, what are your geeky interests?

A: Oh, I’m a workaholic really. I’m always working, or in the office, or in my manga’s or in video game’s… I love watching HBO series and going to Disneyland. Yes, Disneyland. I’ve been there more than 15 times already (that’s a lot considering I’m from Argentina) and my great great dream is to have a theme park of my own. Let’s kickstart it!!!

Q: This is the last question and you are this weeks “Super Sensei Guru”. An aspiring Manga-ka has come to you for advice. The Manga-ka is looking to work with a good writer, but is unsure how to begin finding someone to work with. What do you suggest they do to have writers see the artists work?

A: Mmmh… good question. In the case of Mullins, he sent me a CV to my company (I own an animation company in Argentina, called PepperMelon). He didn’t even know I was writing a comic book when he mailed me, so it was pure coincidence! Happily he enjoyed my book and we could start working on it together. I guess that if I were a manga artist, or comic book artist, what I’d do is check out indie shorts on VIMEO, like… all of them! Next I would start listing those I like. After that I would mail every single one of them and asking them to partner up for a comic or something. I’m sure something would happen from it!

I’d like to extend my thanks to Little Nando for his time with us today.

It’s awesome to see that there are so many aspiring manga-ka and comic writers even in this day and age. Little Nando sent me a copy of Silvertongue 30XX and seriously, I loved every second of it. It was exactly the type of comic for me: A little bit zany, well drawn and clearly with a properly thought out story. I’m excited to see more of Little Nando’s and Chris Mullins’ works. I’m sure they’ll do well.

Don’t forget to visit the development blog to keep up to date with what’s happening with the !

What indie comics have you been reading recently? Have you ever had an idea for a comic you’ve just wanted to get out there? Why not share your stories with us all? Perhaps someone out there will be reading who can help you.

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