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BristolCon 2014 Gallery

Last Saturday was BristolCon 2014 and it was an excellent day out for everyone involved. So many authors under one roof, as well as some amazing artwork from seriously great artists like Julian Quaye it’s no wonder this might have been one of the best BristolCons to date… But to make it even better, the cosplay element of BristolCon is now slowly getting there. Seriously, I think cosplay might have suddenly become a major part of the whole geek scene, which I find awesome.

So, why not have a look through our gallery and see what there was to see!?


I’d really like to give a special shout out to Hellbound Media for a great conversation with them and for showing off their seriously shockingly good comic series, which goes under the header of Shock Value. They certainly delivered and they’re deviously brilliant. Perfect for this Halloween!

Shock Value comics

Shock Value comics by Hellbound Media – Go check ’em out!

Finally, I’d also like to give a great big shout out to Oxfam on Cotham Hill. This lovely trio were graceful enough to chat to us for a good long time and they didn’t mind that I was just fascinated with the charity work that our fellow geeks do. If you’re in Bristol and wanna help charity, please do go visit the Oxfam shop on Cotham Hill!

Oxfam on Cotham Hill comes with friendly faces too!

Oxfam on Cotham Hill comes with friendly faces too!

So another year of BristolCon is over, but don’t worry, I am sure we’ll be back for another fun year soon!

What was your last convention like? Do you like the smaller more intimate conventions? Are you keen to get involved with local Bristol conventions but aren’t sure how? Drop us a line as always in the comments section below. Don’t forget to Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and keep the conversation going!


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