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The Week In Geek – 17/11/14

This week we’ve had a much better week for news, I can tell you! From browsers making some interesting partnerships, to Valve becoming a lot tougher on their criteria for certain things, oh… also we talk about the return of a major UK convention that Joel and I adore. So come join us as we relive the Week in Geek!

The Week In Geek

Valve make Early Access ruling tougher

Early Access

Early Access has been going on for a little bit more than a year in total and so far it has been met with some praise, but a helluva lot of criticism. That’s not without it’s reasons either, some people have experienced dreadful problems with devs who submit their work as early access, when really they’re trying to make the game on the back of sales for an unfinished game. That’s entirely against what the Early Access route should be about!

It’s this kind of attitude that built a strong distrust for all of the uncomplete games on the Steam Marketplace right now. However, Valve have now been smart enough to set tighter control regulations on Early Access games. There must be more honesty from the developers to the consumers and the game shouldn’t be glorified as this is what it will be. Instead, people should be told to buy the game for what is currently on offer.

Along with this, Valve have given some guidelines.

  • Don’t launch in Early Access if you can’t afford to develop with very few or no sales.
  • Make sure you set expectations properly everywhere you talk about your game.
  • Don’t launch in Early Access without a playable game (tech demos don’t count as playable games).
  • Don’t launch in Early Access if you are done with development.

This is all rather logical and even just common sense you’d have thought, but sadly because of how fledgeling the Early Access system is, it’s hard to tell whether or not people were simply abusing it. Time will tell if these stricter guidelines will help make a difference with the Early Access system.

Mozilla making Yahoo the default Search Engine on Firefox in the US

Yahoo and Firefox

For a very long time, the default search engine for Mozilla Firefox has been Google. Whenever I boot up Firefox, it still is Google and it will remain that way for me and my fellow European Firefox users. However, the same cannot be said of the US Mozilla Firefox users.

Mozilla and Yahoo have reached a partnership where Firefox will use Yahoo! as the default search engine for the US. Mozilla seem to be going for a more “Localised search engine” route for their browsers whereas Yahoo! are looking to gain more control over their search engine, which is currently powered by a 10 year contract with Microsoft thanks to a partnership started in 2009. Yahoo! are looking to have a cleaner, more streamlined search engine for the users of Firefox in about a months time.

This isn’t to say that means you can’t change your default search engine, of course. Mozilla are offering the option to go to a different search engine, should you choose to change it. Many opt for services such as Google due to its familiarity, or DuckDuckGo for it’s lack of demand for information. This is an interesting development for both Mozilla and Yahoo!

Back to the Kitacon


Those of you who read this site regularly will know that we absolutely love Kitacon here. We met Kim and Phil thanks to a crazy Sunday’s Cards Against Humanity session, I also was able to capture Joel into writing for this little blog of ours. Since Kitacon we’ve gone from a one man band to a fair bit more professional. At least, we like to think we’re somewhat professional now.

Thanks to this, we want to return to Kitacon and this time – We want to record a lot more of the going’s on! As such, when the news came about that Kitacon‘s new website was launched this past week, we had no choice but to jump for joy! We couldn’t help but look over the website and it seems the sign-ups for this years convention is going to take place from January 1st at noon. So everyone is going to be broke through a lack of pay-day… and we’re all going to be waiting to sign up for the registrations. Nevermind – We look to be going Back to the Kitacon!

That’s it for this Week in Geek! If you know of anything happening that you think should get a small piece on this site, let us know! Drop us an e-mail or even use the contact form below. If you don’t want your name to be featured or if you want some information to be displayed should your news make it in, then please let us know what you want and we’ll accredit you as expected!


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