Top 10 Bugs in Gaming

Today we’re looking to bring our Top 10 back to earth, instead of soaring through the air. Well actually, this Top 10 does both, as today we look at the Top 10 Bugs in gaming! Be it Spiders or be it swarms, this is the Top 10 where if you’re afraid of creepy crawlies, then you might get squeamish!

So stop thinking about spiders crawling over your body and don’t worry about all of the bites you’re about to receive – It’s time to bug out and buzz off to our list!

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Today we’re looking to bring our Top 10 back to earth, instead of soaring through the air. Well actually, this Top 10 does both, as today we look at the Top 10 Bugs in gaming! Be it Spiders or be it swarms, this is the Top 10 where if you’re afraid of creepy crawlies, then you might get squeamish!

So stop thinking about spiders crawling over your body and don’t worry about all of the bites you’re about to receive – It’s time to bug out and buzz off to our list!

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10 – Terror Bites – Time Crisis


The story for the classic light gun rail-shooter’s fourth instalment  was based around these biological weapons. Chittering swarms emerging from every vent and crack, and you cannot run, only shoot and hope that your SMG doesn’t run out.

Terror-Bites come in four varieties, but the most memorable are the beetle-like swarms that attack in their hundreds, controlled by radio frequencies that direct them all straight for you. There’s something far more terrifying about such things when they all attack simultaneously.

9 – Ankheg – Dungeons & Dragons


Another D&D classic appearing in a Top 10? Yes! So sue me, I’m a fan! This burrowing beastie is an old staple of the Monster Manuals, made all the more distinctive by how early in the books they appear; they’re a must have for any DM looking for something to burst from underground and start spitting acid in a low-level campaign, although beware the savvy player who knows to go for the squishy underbelly.

The Ankheg has alternated edition to edition between the first and second Monster Manuals since its’ first appearance in AD&D. Those of you wondering why the Rust Monsters aren’t here instead, turns out it’s actually a kind of armadillo…

8 – Qiraji – Warcraft


The Qiraji of Warcraft are an ancient insectoid race, whom once had a huge empire. As their empire was failing however, the old god C’thun recognised the Silithid and decided to create a race out of their likeness called the Aqir. The Aqir consisted of several united races, but eventually a split of the races happened and the newly renamed Qiraji made their home in Ahn’Qiraj.

Whilst the Qiraji were merely avatars, they were insectoid avatars to the likeness of an old god. These creatures with a hive-like mentality would amass an army upon which they intended to exact revenge across the whole of Azeroth. There’s nothing worse than a hive trying to take out all of the mortals in the world.

7 – Slivers – Magic: the Gathering


The wrath of the swarm is never more clearly embodied than this subtype unique to Magic. With every sliver on the field every other is empowered greatly, keyword upon keyword stacking up, rising statistics and gathering numbers. They depend on a mixture of mana, but the swarm make it easy for you to accumulate such things.

A mutated mixture of insect and humanoid, slivers come in every size, and every shape dependent on their use within the hive. Blades, wings, incredible speed and monstrous strength, and each creature granting ability to another. It makes a sliver deck terrifying to come against, but fragile if the wrong card is lost.

6 – Scyther – Pokemon


One of the original Bug pokemon, Scyther has a lot going for it. It’s pretty quick, has a good attack stat for a Bug type Pokemon and has a really cool design. We might have picked Butterfree, but everyone sort of expects that. What about Beedrill? The design of drill hands are cool and all, but it still doesn’t match up to having scythes for hands. Not even the grim reaper can make that claim!

Not only that, this Bug in the later games was able to turn into a much more powerful Scizor, a Steel/Bug type Pokemon. Scyther has so much going for it, that it also manages to retain how memorable it is! Yes, Scizor is still used in the higher ranked Pokemon matches of the latest Pokemon games. When will this Bug behemoth ever be toppled? But to think, its pre-evolved form, Scyther, has been there since the beginning of Pokemon. Scyther – You’re my kind of Bug Pokemon!

5 – Bees – Bioshock

Bioshock 2007-08-25 02-20-57-70
Above picture takes you to a Bioshock review on

Of all of the weapons from the Bioshock franchise, you’d expect I’d pick something really quite simple like a shotgun or an SMG of some description as my favourite weapon. I mean those are simply the most devastating ways to end the lives of the Big Daddies and Splicers all around Rapture… Right?

Wrong. The best way to end the lives of these enemies is to simply inject yourself with the power of swarm. By that, we literally mean we want to swarm our enemies in bees. That’s right: Bees! Bees are obviously the only way to beat down your enemies and to make them scream and flail in terror… Plus it looks damn cool in the process!

4 – Centipede – Centipede

This right here is gaming history, which we should all be proud to admit we’ve either played or have at least heard of. Centipede is possibly the most instantly recognisable of the bugs in this list as you know what happened when this game was made? Many other games, even to today, still use the formula that you should attack its head and not let the blasted thing split up into many little Centipedes.

It’s honestly no wonder why Centipede gets its own piece here! It’s one of the bugs in gaming that helped define an entire type of boss battle! The damned worm/centipede battle where you should attack the head, least you get more versions of it stalking you. Hey, you can play Centipede for free online too!

3 – Earthworm Jim – Earthworm Jim


He’s a really super guy, but there is some question as to his qualifications to fit in this list. “Bug” is a fairly broad term, and worms rarely classify, but we could not let the whole list go by without him. We love you Earthworm Jim!

He’s an unwise-cracking boss-smashing machine in a suit of power-armour, and protagonist of one of the hardest platform games in history with a hit cartoon series to boot. Love interest Princess Whatsername and her twin-nemesis Queen Slugforabutt also deserve mention in his entry, as part of a massive (but otherwise insectless) cast of characters.

2 – Nerubians – Warcraft


A second entry for the Warcraft series is a first for our Top 10’s, but the insectile civilization of Azjol-Nerub are the other off-shoot of the Aqir species, that would mostly become enslaved by the Lich King Ner’zhul, or shunned to the corners of Northrend. Crypt lords and crypt fiends were the first Nerubians to make their appearance in Warcraft III, taking a more prominent role in the far more famous MMO.

Distinctive semi-human mixtures of scarab and spider, they’re a race with more personality than one would expect from an insect.

1 – All the spiders in games

When you think of the kind of creatures you’d typically encounter in computer games, just about any game, what springs to mind? Somewhere in the first few ideas I’m sure you’ll come to the same conclusion we did: Giant Spiders. Without further ado, here’s a gallery to illustrate our point:


Honourable Mentions

Have you been bugged out enough by the buzzing activity here on GeekOut South-West? Are you ready to crawl your way through to seeing the honourable mentions in our Top 10 Bugs li–… GeekOutSouthWest.exe has unexpectedly crashed and has been closed for your safety…

Dragons flying backwards – Skyrim

Sometimes, the dragons of Skyrim decide to fly backwards. After all, we like to see people do the moonwalk, so why can’t dragons be allowed to do the moonglide in Skyrim? People are so judgemental as to what a dragon should or should not do.

Shaun! – Heavy Rain [SPOILERS IN THE VIDEO]

SHAAAAAAAAUN! SHAUN! That is all you get in this bugged out game of Heavy Rain… But of course, this is one of these bugs that has become very popular just because of how silly it is. We don’t know how it was done, but we love it!


… Those were the wrong kinds of bugs, weren’t they?

We’ve managed to use our antenna and many legs to seek out the very greatest in bugs in gaming, we’ll be back again next week for another awesome Top 10… But before then, we need you guys to help us decide what our next Top 10 is!

Do you agree with our list? Do you have any others you’d have liked to have seen in this list? What do you think? Join in the conversation below and until next time, get voting on our poll for the next Top 10!

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Bugs in Gaming”

  1. Hahaha, Warcraft always manages to have an entry in every top 10. Too bad you guys didn’t play Mists of Pandaria or you would’ve included the Mantid :)

    Loved it. For me the creepiest spider monsters in a game have to be the ones from System Shock 2 though I have to admit I haaaaaaated the ones from Grimrock :)


  2. Yep… It’s shocking, as I didn’t think it’d have the impact that it does have on gaming. Darn you Warcraft and your well produced content.

    Actually Kev, I did consider the Mantid, however the way I see it: Their history is quite… Fledgling. Mind you, the fact they don’t share a hive mentality with creatures such as the Silithid is interesting! I personally prefer the Silithid, though I think the Silithid and the Qiraji were more interesting, simply due to their connections with an old god (C’thun).

    Grimrock I wanted to mention, especially the insect men who you can play as. I actually DID forget the System Shock 2 spiders!! I feel somewhat ashamed.


    1. I still look at that glitch and laugh so much. It’s one of my all time favourite glitches and I’ve seen characters heads glitch through their bodies!


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