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Have Yourself A Geeky Little Christmas

Tomorrow is December, and I don’t care what anyone else says, that makes it perfectly acceptable to discuss Christmas! Whatever you call it, however you celebrate it, it is a time to enjoy the people, food and things that you love. Yes, it’s riddled with flaws: lousy music, glitter spreading like a virus, and tack adorning every corner, window and flat surface, but nothing is without its’ problems, and Christmas is good enough to ride it out.

So here’s a few ways to make it a little more “your kind of thing.”


The Steam Sale

Love it or loathe it, Steam‘s Christmas sale makes shopping for friends who live a long way away that much easier (and cheaper, sorry guys). Make sure you keep your wishlist well stocked, not just on the things you really want, but throw in a few cheaper things like indie-games that have caught your eye, or DLCs for a game you already own, even if it is just a skin/texture pack.

Many games have their own Christmas celebrations. Killing Floor runs their “Twisted Christmas” event, Team Fortress has hats (so, so many hats) and hopefully Borderlands will be bringing out a Christmas-y expansion for the Pre-Sequel.


Take the opportunity in the run-up to the day to catch up with people you haven’t spoken to in too long over Steam-chat, it may not be the best chat service out there, but if you like someone enough to have them on Steam, you like them enough to make the time.

Christmas Gaming Party

Pass the parcel, musical statues, and charades! The first person to suggest any of them gets shot in the face!

It’s the time of year to bust out the Christmas expansions to Munchkin, bust out a game you haven’t played in ages and fall in love with it all over again. Hells, bring out the chess set and put a little Santa-hat on the king if that’s what you’re into, just make it a party. If your family tell you that Christmas is supposed to be the time of year to be together, get them involved! After all, it’s your Christmas too.

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for some daft ideas on how to put together a Christmas themed RP in DMing 101.


It’s not exactly hard to shop for nerds. The market is filled with stocking fillers, Loot Crate have even built a successful business model on that fact.

Where we may come undone is shopping for other people. Just remember, there’s no shame in asking people what they want, getting their friends/family to help you, or even asking if they have an Amazon Wishlist.


The GeekOut Advent Calendar

Spoilers! Our usual timetable is going to be a lot more festive. Starting tomorrow we’ll be getting in the spirit of things with our very own advent calendar.

That’s it for today. Now get to enjoying the season!

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