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Happy New Year from Timlah

Me and Joel discussed what we would do for our Happy New Year post, welcoming in 2015 and we decided we’d split up and do a separate post. Once you’ve finished reading my post, please do go check out Jaberwock Joel the Jemmy’s look at the year ahead of us. Yes, I just called Joel a nonsense crowbar because he’s great at bludgeoning the rubbish out of the best of us. Including me, it would seem. To think, I’ve not even begun my new years celebrations yet.

We could have done these posts on New Years Day itself, I mean you’d think that’d be a better way to welcome in the new year, right? But no… We figured we’d look at what was going to be a fantastic year coming up, offering what we’re most looking forward to and what we’re hoping to achieve this year.


My 2015 plans

Let’s begin with the thing that really made GeekOut South-West come into existence: Conventions.

So far, I’ve got 5 conventions in the works for 2015:

LAGC header

London Anime and Gaming Con this February – I’ll be on the reception team, so please do swing by if you’re going to that event and please say hello to me. I’d love to see you there and you should join the Shonen Heroes team, since heck – I am an awesome hero there. Not only this, some of the GeekOut South-West group will be there at London Anime and Gaming Con! Come make yourselves known to us.


After LAGC, I’ll be attending EGX Rezzed with the 1001-Up crew. I’ll be there as a member of press and I’ll make every effort to go and speak to anyone and everyone about upcoming games. Not only this though, I’ll be speaking to the cosplayers of EGX Rezzed and let’s see what I can throw together for my part of the deal. Hurrah for Rezzed!


Next up, I’ve got Kitacon, where I will be joining Joel and many others. Originally Kitacon was going to be available for registration as of January 1st at midday, but they have suffered a technical set-back. Nevermind, the team were diligent enough to tell us in advance that this has been pushed back to Thursday 8th at 18:00. So please do come join in and come meet up with me and Joel! We’ll… Sign your… Things..? Wait, that’s the silliest idea ever! But do come and make yourselves known to us and chat geek with us!

Then there’s a combination of Cardiff Anime Convention in August and then Bristol Anime Convention in October. I believe I will be the head of the registrations team for the Bristol Anime Convention and I will be on the registrations team again for Cardiff, so please do come and say hello – Yes, GeekOut South-West are officially involved with conventions now! We’re super excited to be bringing some smaller, local conventions to the scene!

BristolCon 2015

Last but certainly not least there’s BristolCon which I intend to take the group to once more. It’s a fantastic experience and I’m considering doing a panel on Sci-Fi and Cosplay. If you can make it to Bristol and this sounds interesting to you, please let me know in the comments below, or if you think there’s a topic I’d be better suited for that should be covered, let me know! I think the local Bristol conventions need to be made aware of the presence of cosplay, why we do it and more importantly: How it can help any/all geeky scenes out there.

What about GeekOut’s plans?

Some of these things I have been keeping close to my chest, so close that maybe even Joel doesn’t know of some of it… So here we go:


One thing about blogging is you have to pay close attention to the demand for your website. Whilst we’re not quite ready yet to be moving to self-hosting, it’s an option that’s ahead of GeekOut South-West. We’re looking towards a bright future, but this means we’ll need to move to our own hosting service. I’m keen to stick to WordPress, but moving away from the platform will be a big leap. We’ll see if we make it there in time next year.

You’d have noticed if you’re a regular reader of this website that we had an advent calendar which wasn’t so spectacular. The original idea was to have windows set up for each and every day, so that every day it would open automatically and show the post behind it. There was no way to do this via our current WordPress hosted server, so if we want to do anything as ambitious as that in future, we’ll seriously need to consider moving to the .org platform.

Mobile development

Android_logo apple_logo

Anyone who has seen our mobile website will be aware it’s not the prettiest one in the world. It’s pretty ugly. So I’m working on making mobile more optimised and better looking for everyone, as well as looking at potential other avenues for mobile technologies to get involved, perhaps with integrated Meetup features.

I’ll keep everyone informed as to what’s happening, of course!

More content

Yep, this one was a given, but it’s important to note that we’ll be keeping our posting schedule up as hard and as fast as we have been. We believe geek culture has so much to discuss, so we want to chat about it all! We also wouldn’t mind getting more people guest posting for us, much like our friend Kevin Kutlesa has. Please do get involved if you feel you have an article that you want a platform to launch off of!

Also, do note: I’ll be doing a return soon. More on that later in the week.



What are your plans for the new year? Any resolutions that you have made? Anything particularly geeky that you’re interested in this coming year? As always, please comment below and remember to check out Joel’s New Years post!


Happy New Year from Joel

Tomorrow I’ll be booking tickets to go to Kitacon. In the mean time, there is a great deal to be done.

There’s a lot I’ve unfortunately had to set aside over the christmas period that have gone on a list to achieve in the next few weeks, but putting that list together I’ve settled on a few other things that I’ve been putting off, neglecting, or completely forgetting over the last year. I’m not a man for new year’s resolutions, of the last two years I simply decided to be more awesome, turned out to be a surprisingly effective attitude to take, but now perhaps I ought to get a little more specific.


The Nineties

Have you ever uttered the words: “It was better back then” or “They don’t do [X] like that any more”? Well it wasn’t, and that’s just a fact. Things have always been awful, but the good things last forever. A few things slip through the cracks, like disco or Pauly Shore, but for the most part we remember each period for it’s successes because we’d rather remember the good things.

Why bring it up? And what does this have to do with nerd culture?


Professional Gaming

Let’s not lie to ourselves here – many of us have thought “Pah, professional gaming? How could there ever be such a thing?” or “Heh, I could do what these guys do!” So the questions I’m going to immediately pose to you are: Why doesn’t it make sense to you? Why haven’t you done it if you think you can?

These questions have really obvious answers too: A lot of us have these things called day jobs, which prevent us from dedicating our days and nights to the games that professional gamers get so deeply engrossed in. So how can someone be sat there playing a game night and day? What do they really get out of it and why? What are the games that are regularly featured?


Next Cosplay Project – Apollo Justice

As part of my continued quest in attending conventions across the UK, next year I shall be making a good number of new Cosplay costumes. Now that Christmas has come and gone, it’s time to look to the future for our next lots of costumes and what I will need for them. How shocking that Christmas is over so fast, eh? All of that build up. We’ve even left the decorations up on the front page!

The first in my projects is to do a costume from the Ace Attorney series. I figured that much like I did with my Edward Elric costume, I would document what I’ve been doing for this new project. So, let’s begin by discussing the character. (more…)

Takagi Akito: The Male Version of Me

A brilliant read for the anime fan in all of us. I think I’m most similar to the anime character “Oyamada Manta”, short but pretty smart – Often seen around some form of tech. Panics sometimes unnecessarily, but gets very excitable too.

Who are you most like?


Day 13:  Anime Character You Are Most Similar To

This is an easy one.  Since watching the anime Bakuman. (バクマン。)I felt an immediate affinity with one of the duo protagonists, Takagi Akito.  I think that he’s the male version of me.


Like him, I’m a writer but not a “natural” one.  We’re confident in our writing, but can be quite envious of those who are able to write “naturally”–those who’re able to craft semi-polished stories just by holding a pen and paper.  I think of myself as a planner, just like Takagi.  We plan what we’re going to write first, to the point of obsessiveness.

Before he writes a manga story, he will study the trends and statistics first.  He’s the “calculating” type versus the “natural genius” type of Nizuma Eiji.  Similarly, I plan, write and schedule my blog posts days, sometimes months, before they’re…

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Light Novels – Issue 3

Light novels are different from traditional novels in that they are much shorter, the length of what we call a novella, sometimes even shorter than that. They consist of small story arcs, what you would see in one to five episodes of an anime adaptation, and feature drawings every few pages to help with a crucial scene’s depiction, even if it’s just showing a character sitting and having something to drink.

Light novels are different from traditional novels in that they are much shorter, the length of what we call a novella, sometimes even shorter than that. They consist of small story arcs, what you would see in one to five episodes of an anime adaptation, and feature drawings every few pages to help with a crucial scene’s depiction, even if it’s just showing a character sitting and having something to drink.


Merry Christmas – Timlah

Merry Christmas ladies and gentlemen, readers of GeekOut South-West and new readers alike. You’re the very reason why a post even exists today; We thought we’d reflect on what was good about this year so far. So whilst Joel looks to make years the best he possibly can make them, what did I think about 2014 in general?

It started with a bit of a whimper if I were to be honest. I just set GeekOut up and I was already nervous about where do I go from here? How often should I post? Will people care or even enjoy what I have to say? Then I realised: This is blogging, if people don’t like it, they’ll generally respond by not responding at all – Which was great news for me! I was ready for whatever the world threw at me then… But I never expected to have the year I had.


Merry Christmas – Joel

In 2013 I decided to have the best year ever. It may seem like a ridiculous concept, and that it’s not just a choice to be made, and that fate inevitably gets in the way of such things, assuming finances don’t stop you in the first place. I had just lost the first job I’d had since dropping out of university for personal reasons, and it was a job that I’d really been enjoying. A lot of things seemed to be falling apart around me, and I stood amongst the wreckage and decided to rise above it.

As it turns out, it worked, and by the end of the year – in spite of a hell of a lot of drama and assorted hardship – I felt like I could conquer the world. I decided I’d start working on that in 2014…


Merry Unbalance Christmas manga review

Since we’re so close to Christmas now, I thought it was time for me to look through and see if I could find any Christmas themed manga.

I mean, how hard could that be? Christmas is a huge topic, which has hundreds of products that sell very well. It’s a commercial success as well as being a culturally important day. So, how hard was it to find a Christmas themed manga? Very!

However, after much seeking around the internet, I managed to find one called Merry Unbalance Christmas.