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With technology having advanced so rapidly over the past few years, it’s no wonder that people have been putting their technology to use for some of life’s most pressing issues. Issues such as vital research against devastating illnesses, how the economy is fluctuating or where on Earth Santa Claus is right at this exact second. Whilst we do not have any cures for illness here on GeekOut South-West, nor can we tell you how you can geek out your Santa searching for this year.

Grab your technology folks, it’s time to hunt down Santa, GeekOut style!


NORAD Santa Tracker


I don’t doubt for a second that you must have heard of this one, right ladies and gentlemen? NORAD, the North For the past few years, there has been an official Santa tracker that goes under the name of NORAD. The NORAD Santa Tracker begin because of a mistake which printed a number to the organisation that was the predecessor to NORAD. Children rang through and thankfully their commander was an understanding kind, so he got his men to start tracking Santa for the kids!

The NORAD Santa Tracker is in partnership with Microsoft (though it didn’t start life partnered with the IT giants), so why stop with the website if you are a Windows 8 user? You can download the official NORAD app via the Windows App Store. There’s merchandise for you to get for yourself or your kids (or yourself). With games that unlock throughout the month of December and a treasury of information about Santa Claus, NORAD is a fairly well known contender in Santa Tracking technology. They also have an app for iPhone, Android and Windows phone.

But there’s a new contender…

Google Santa Tracker


Another big dog in Santa Tracking technology is the Google Santa Tracker, but the burning question is what does the Google Santa Tracker do differently? Whereas NORAD is a lot more serious and powerful in the technology side of their Santa tracking technology, Google focus purely on the fun. The Google Santa Tracker is primarily browser-based, but it does offer apps for Android phones/tablets as well as Chrome browser extensions.

The main difference is that the Google Santa Tracker has all of its games available via the apps, whereas the NORAD Santa Tracker only has some of the games available. Still, if you’re waiting for Santa, you must truly care about the time before Santa arrives. Well, NORAD’s Santa tracker is 3 hours ahead of Googles… Hmm.

Personal opinion

Do you want to be guaranteed to know exactly where the jolly Saint Nick is this up to this Christmas? Then I’d personally recommend checking out NORAD. NORAD have had a longer, richer history and boasts more technology to back it… However, it’s interesting to note that Santa reportedly uses Google Maps now-a-days for his around the world trips. Very cunning, Google.

Do you know of any other ways to track Santa this Christmas? Why not let us know your favourites and join us again next time for another geeky look through technology that make our nostalgic selves smile.

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