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Saturday Share – Good people of Facebook

Facebook is a glorious community, and while we may question the way it is run, there’s no doubt that it connects us to the people and things that we want to see the most… and some adverts.

I’m sure we’ve all “Liked” pages like Not being on fire or perhaps there are a few of you out there who enjoy the divine comedy of God but I for one have found that some of the best people on Facebook are – no surprises – nerds. My news feed is filled with D&D and computer game comedy pages that share my kind of humour. It turns out that, not only are they very supportive of one another, but that they are amazingly friendly and chatty with their fans. So without further ado, I present a couple of my favourites:


For the general gaming fanatic, I present Gaming Geeks Etc. who share all kinds of nerdy humour from games, T.V. and films. Matt, Jeff, Bubba and D. Walk (sorry if I missed anyone guys) run this page and have been nothing but awesome to me. They not only shared Quotes From The Tabletop for me but they regularly field questions from their fans to the open internet in search of answers.

These are a FB must for any of our fans, and if your in the U.S and looking for a new gaming group, or just to find other local nerds, check out their society, GGE Looking For A Game.



For fans of the DMing 101 series, or anyone into tabletop play in general, you’d do a hell of a lot worse than “Liking” Dungeons & Dragons Memes run by the Player’s DM, aided by his team: FaRvA, Doc, Inkling, Artomix, Bumblor and Kimya, they share a very particular kind of humour that you can’t help but love. In particular check out FaRvA’s World Building Fridays for mind straining exorcises that will but your creativity to task.

Get talking to them through the comments and on their Facebook wall, they’re a really friendly bunch, but bear in mind that they have several thousands of fans talking to them every week. And check out The Player’s DM’s YouTube channel, I may disagree with him about certain things, but he’s a cool guy with some really awesome ideas.

Join in the Facebook gaming community, they’re great people who love everyone who’s willing to talk nerdy with them. While you’re there, make sure you’ve liked GOSW on our Facebook page and the Quotes from the Tabletop page too! I’m currently working on something shiny and new for that page that’s well worth a look-see.


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