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Christmas Specials 2014

Every year television likes to feature Christmas special content. Every year, we get the same things; EastEnders, Coronation Street – All of your favourite soap operas get their own Christmas specials. Generally…

However, with the growing trend of featuring geek culture on TV, more and more Christmas specials have started to show up. Check out this years specials in the upcoming week, all of which are my picks. Not all of them are incredibly geeky, but gosh darn it, we will get more geek culture on TV!

Doctor Who Christmas Special

Every year, the Doctor gets back on our televisions to show us that he’s got something important to do! This year, the Doctor will be landing in the North Pole on Christmas Day. We know he has to work with jolly old St. Nick himself.

This is the 10th annual Christmas Special for Doctor Who and each one of them has been well received; Can this keep up the tradition of great geekery on Christmas Day itself, or will the new Doctor, portrayed by Peter Capaldi fall flat? Thursday will tell all!

The Doctor Who Christmas Special is set to air on BBC1 at 18:15 on Christmas Day, so get your Sonic Screwdrivers out and watch out for them pesky Daleks!

Wallace and Gromit, Merry Madagascar, Shrek the Halls and the Gruffalo’s Child

Image taken from FanPop!

Image taken from FanPop!

With the exception of these all being animated films, these are not particularly geeky, although it’s nice to know that Christmas Eve is being spoiled with so many great films! If animated films such as Madagascar and Gruffalo’s Child are up your alley, then these are for you.

Wallace and Gromit is going to be showing Curse of the Were-rabbit, which might not be the most Christmassy of showings, but hey – It’s all good! It’s claymation at it’s best, featuring likeable characters and rabbits galore!

Wallace and Gromit is showing at 13:50, Merry Madagascar is showing at 15:05, followed by Shrek The Halls at 15:25 and The Gruffalo’s Child is showing at 15:50, all on BBC 1 HD.

Marvel Avengers Assemble


Whilst this isn’t a Christmas special per se, this is huge news for the film geeks amongst us! Yes, the BBC have decided to air Marvel Avengers Assemble on BBC1 at 20:30 on Boxing Day, Friday 26th.

I mean even if you’re not a big film geek, this is big news! This is the first showing of Avengers Assemble on British television to date and it gets to air on Boxing Day. Brilliant, we’re looking forward to this!

Top Gear Christmas Special


This isn’t a geeky thing, once again (I am truly sorry…) but the Top Gear guys are back for another Christmas Special.

So if you get geeky about all things motors and vehicles, this is the show for you. This time, the Top Gear crew are going to be aired across Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th, Saturday 20:30 and Sunday at 20:00. All of this is being aired on BBC2.

All in all though, this is likely going to be a rather good laugh, considering Jeremy Clarkson and co got into a lot of trouble for this one, reportedly having been chased away by an angry mob. Yikes!

Still Open All Hours


A comedy classic, Open All Hours, returns for the first in a new series called Still Open All Hours.

Following on from last years successful showing of what was thought to be a one off called Still Open All Hours, the BBC decided to go ahead with a whole series of 6 new episodes, starting in 2014.

David Jason returns as Granville, having inherited the famous corner shop from uncle Arkwright. This show was always funny back in the day, let’s hope this new realisation of the series remains equally as funny and stays true to its roots. I’m voting yes, considering the ability of David Jason. Still Open All Hours is set to air on Boxing Day at 19:30 on BBC1.

What are your picks for Christmas 2014? Do you think any of the above are worth watching? Let us know in the comments below and happy watching, Christmas Geeks!


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  1. I might rewatch Avengers.

    Liked by 1 person

    December 22, 2014 at 4:22 pm

    • I mean it’s on TV… I am not even a big film lover, but I too might re-watch the Avengers :)


      December 22, 2014 at 4:52 pm

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