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Merry Unbalance Christmas manga review

Since we’re so close to Christmas now, I thought it was time for me to look through and see if I could find any Christmas themed manga.

I mean, how hard could that be? Christmas is a huge topic, which has hundreds of products that sell very well. It’s a commercial success as well as being a culturally important day. So, how hard was it to find a Christmas themed manga? Very!

However, after much seeking around the internet, I managed to find one called Merry Unbalance Christmas.

Now, I’m going to have to be perfectly honest with all of you here… I could not find a real physical copy of this manga anywhere. Some of you may shun me for admitting this, but I could only find this online on websites such as MangaFox. With this being said, if someone finds a real copy of it, let me know where it is so I can buy it as it was a nice enough little piece, so it’d look good on my shelf!

First of all, it’s good to point out that this is a one-shot manga. This makes it quite quick and easy to get through, but as I was looking through the manga during this review, I found the original scanlator. So let us finally have a look at this wonderful Christmas story.


The story of Merry Unbalance Christmas follows in the footsteps of a below average wealth girl, who is also basically in all ways below average. She has been saving up for a very long time to get this really expensive pudding. Yep, that’s the story here.

Then in comes Mr. super rich who thinks he can get anything he want, because he’s rich and he decides what he wants when he wants. If he wants to buy something, he’s got it; even if he’s cutting in line. Think of him almost as a Scrooge, just buying things out as a “Just because”. Bit of a mean spirited person, but never mind. He ends up meeting his match when these two characters collide; She refuses to let him have her pudding. I mean seriously, she’s spent so long saving up for it, it’s now got to be hers, right!?

You didn’t believe me about the whole pudding thing, did you?

Because she’s such a good match to him, he decides he wants to have her as his partner. So the story entirely revolves around the dynamics between these two around the Christmas period.

It’s actually a really sweet little love story! I was pleasantly surprised by it, especially for a one shot manga.


The art in a manga is usually one of the most important components. If you find yourself staring at squiggles on a page, you really don’t have much of a manga to go by. Even if the dialogue is spectacular.

Squiggle Wars

Thankfully, the art in this manga is pretty good.

Actually, that’s a lie – The art in this manga is really good! Again, remember this is a one shot manga, which I normally find drops the buck a little bit in terms of quality, but not this one. In fact, after investigation – I found the reason why I couldn’t find this for sale: It’s not, it’s a Scanlation that is online for free.

So soak that in… The person who translated this story has scanned it in and posted it online on her website for free. Please go out of your way to show her your support, because clearly she’s a talented individual. Plus, she’s a cosplayer – Even better!

My verdict

A clear 4.5/5

See, it’s a wonderful little one shot manga that does have a brilliant view of the spirit of Christmas. Since we’re reviewing a manga about Christmas, I think this is as good a manga as you can possibly get, plus there’s a lovely little bit of love involved. Excellent!

Whoever the original artist/writers are for this, I’d like to see the original at some point, but sadly I don’t know what other names it goes by. Perhaps you know? If you do, let me know but in the mean time – Have you seen this work before? Let us know in the comments below and remember to please support the person who brought this to us; Yukina.

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