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DMing 101 – Non-Magic Magic

Happy new year! Here’s a mini DMing 101 for the first ever Thursday of the 2015!

Roleplay is – let’s be honest – a form of escapism. We want to leave the day-to-day and enter a world of our own creation, being new people with different problems, not our own. While some of us can enjoy a game filled with the worldly and normal, most of us would rather fantastical or alien worlds of wonder and impossibility.

D&D being the first, most popular, and my favourite RPG, most of us tend towards playing fantasy games, which draw a great deal of their wondrous content from magic, the mysterious multi-use energy interpreted a thousand different ways by those who write about it or design it’s various ways, schools and systems. Not every genre can depend on magic, but they find a way nonetheless. So here are a few examples of non-magic magic: