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Super Meat Boy Review

A lot of people have heard of the hellishly hard Super Meat Boy, but recently I was proudly able to get my hands a hold of the game. Much to the chagrin of my friends, such as Kevin, I will spend hours on that game, trying to slowly 100% the game. Yes: I want to get all of the bandages, all of the levels (including the hard mode levels) and all of the warp zones. This also includes all of the unlockable characters.

Although I play a lot of it, I thought I’d write a review about the simply squishy Super Meat Boy!


Super Meat Boy’s Origins

Super Meat Boy is a game that started life as a simple game from a well known Flash gaming website, Newgrounds. First known as Meat Boy, it was created by Edmund McMillen and programmed by Jonathan McEntee. The game was first released on Newgrounds back in October 2008. Go ahead and play it, we’ll still be here for you to continue reading – It’s a free to play game, after all!

Fast forward just a little bit and names as big as Nintendo and Microsoft approached Edmund with the hopes that he’d make a game for their download services, WiiWare and Xbox Live Arcade. If that’s not a sign that you’ve made it big in some way; Nothing is! So of course, they started to work on Super Meat Boy!

The review



It’s a mish-mash of typical old school games really.

You play as Meat Boy, who is in love with Bandage Girl. Bandage Girl is kidnapped by the evil Doctor Festus. He doesn’t like you because nobody likes him, but he especially dislikes Meat Boy. So he takes Bandage Girl and off starts the adventure.

Yeah that’s as far as that one goes, I’m afraid. But this isn’t a bad thing! This a platformer and if you ever played Super Mario Bros… Well, the story is basically just “Your princess is in another castle.”

I give the story a 3/5.


This is a typical platformer game, but coupled with extra craziness.

From the really tight wall jumping mechanics to the speed of the game overall, this is a game not to be taken lightly. It’s tough enough to make you think back to the NES era of gaming, where a simple mistake (like a single pixel touching a spike) could cost you the game. But it’s not impossible either. It’s got enough of a balance and it’s not like you need to beat the really hard levels in order to beat the game. Couple this with unlimited lives: It’s a fun casual game for a gamer who likes a challenge.


The added extra characters helps to really differentiate everything too. From the Steam Exclusive Headcrab who can hold onto the walls for longer, to Commander Video who gets to hover in the air, the characters help to change each level in their own clever little ways. Also,


The graphics of this will smack you full pelt in the face with “This is a Newgrounds game”. What I mean by that is the graphics will not blow you out of the water, so if you like mouth-watering graphics, I am afraid to tell you that you’d be looking in the wrong place with this game.


However, what they do have are simple, clean graphics which represent a really easy to understand world with great level design. It’s truly a sight to behold, so cartoony or not, Newground-esque or not: It’s great! They’re smooth and clean, plus it makes so much sense when you play. You realise that this little Meat Boy will be slippery and it gives you indication as such as he leaves juices behind everywhere he runs.

There was one or two periods of time where they decide to opt for a “Shadow” level… And sometimes this made it quite hard to distinguish the ground from the dangerous spots. In that respect, I’ve got to knock the graphics down a notch in the final score, but in terms of how it looks and feels: It’s superb.

Graphics get a highly respectable 4 out of 5.


The music was clearly designed with this game in mind, rather than just slapping some cool sounding music into the game. This is a huge part of what has truly helped to make indie gaming such a success these days. The music in Super Meat Boy will have you bobbing your head, even if it’s just out of frustration and each level has had it’s music designed to fit the theme of the world you’re in.

Couple this with the more intense battle themes and the fact they are so catchy, you end up getting people like this guy doing an amazing metal medley of it – Just because!

I give the music full marks – 5/5!


Do you like the idea of running around a world to save Bandage Girl from the evil Doctor Festus? Do you think being a squishy boy made of meat is an appealing way to spend your gaming hours? Do you want a ruthlessly hard, but ultimately beatable game? Great, this is the game for you.

This game arguably helped reboot the indie platformer, which is a very heavily saturated market. The good side is though: Super Meat Boy stands above the rest. Nay, it towers above it in a giant meat effigy.

Overall a 4.5/5!


Play it, enjoy it, get frustrated by it… And love it for what it is. A messy, bloody, meaty game.

Have you played Super Meat Boy? Have you played games like it? Did you get to play the original Meat Boy linked in this article!? Let me know in the comments below and let’s talk about this awesome game!


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