My Cosplaying Dilemma

As I prepare for another year of conventions, and look forward to attending more than the last two years, I find myself confronted with a quandary. I swore last year that I’d cosplay, but ended up struggling for ideas, then had enough ideas but not enough time, but now I could manage to accomplish some of my simpler ideas without much hassle, so why haven’t I started?

Of the three conventions I have been to, and every MCM Telford I have attended, I find myself gazing around at all the cosplayers, and while they probably only account for about 40-50% of the con-populous, I can’t help but feel left out. It’s a big part of the convention community, a community which has given me a great deal since I started joining in a year and a half ago, and a lot of the nicest people have been the cosplayers. I tuck myself away in the games room more often than not (so if you ever want to come and say hi, that’s where you’ll find me), but one day I will get around to cosplaying at a con.

Here are a couple of my plans:


As you may know, Tim has a Krosmaster cosplay planned, Oscar Kass. In fact if you google the name, a large number of the images results are photos of his work. I am unashamedly taking credit for that idea, I’m more than just a little in love with this game, and though I haven’t played much of the online version, the board game is a big (and growing) part of my collection.

The first time I played I found that I had weird luck with this fella, Bad Aboum. Bomb-dropping, hit and run, vicious little backstabber, not just my style, but he seemed to have some weird sway over the dice that I’ve never known before or since.

A brown robe, coat, gloves, mask/bandanna and a sash covered with weapons. A little shaping, and the beard is a cinch! Teeth and ears are somewhat optional, and I can do some really cool stuff with the gear.

Tim, myself, and hopefully a few others who are readily coerced into cool stuff will eventually do a Krosmaster group cosplay!


Ok, so Borderlands Cosplay has been done, I still love it. I’d like to do a bandit of some variety rather than a main character, or maybe Marcus Kincaid. Basically what I’m after is any cosplay that’ll let me keep my beard, I look weird without it. Which brings me to option three:


I’m a huge Discworld fan. Where a lot of nerds I know were raised on Tolkien or Star Wars, from an early age I was given Pratchett to read, and I found Rincewind to be a deeply relatable and sensible “hero.” Self preservation is a perfectly reasonable attitude, and it’s one that most protagonists are severely lacking.

Robe, pointy hat with “Wizzard” written on it, job done. Don’t even have to shave!

To return to the question then, why haven’t I? I don’t lack talent at costume making, because I have access to someone with that talent who’s willing to work to commission if it means I’ll actually cosplay to something. Money? Of course I lack money, everyone lacks money, we live in a lousy, money hungry society, but the lunatic devotees always find some money somewhere.

I have no confidence!

It’s a bizarre thing, the more confidence I seem to gain the more I find I don’t have, and despite Tim’s best efforts I still find that I’m unsure of my writing abilities, never certain on what to write about. I do a fantastic job of faking it, that’s why I’m in a retail position, but when it comes right down to it I have no idea what I’m doing. Dylan Moran said:

“You’re not really an adult at all. You’re just a tall child holding a beer, having a conversation you don’t understand.”

That gets even funnier when you reach your mid-twenties and discover that it’s startlingly and increasingly true. Fake confidence goes so far, but apparently not far enough to leap that gap.

I’ll see you guys at a convention. If you see me in cosplay, I’ve done the most incredible and stupid thing possible: I’ve grown up.


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