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Kitacon Registrations

On the build-up towards one of the most highly anticipated conventions in the UK convention scene today, Kitacon announced that they had to delay their scheduled registration date from the 1st of January at midday until the 8th of January at 6pm.

If you expected this to hold back the fans of Kitacon, Joel and myself included, then you would be wrong. You would be very wrong, indeed. We received a statement from Joseph from Kitacons’ committee with regards to the phenomenal turn around this year:


Last year we sold out in 48 hours, and we’re blown away. This year, we doubled our server capacity, but still hit issues. We had over 5 times the traffic hitting compared to last year. Human nature being what it is, we did suspect a ddos attack, but no, it really was thousands of fans waiting for tickets. Nick and Phil worked like demons to get the site back up, and running through that very manic period. We sold out all 1500 places in a little over an hour. That was incredible. If our attendees bring that much energy and enthusiasm to the event, coupled with our intense and varied program of events…. This is going to be one hell of a Kita!

With some internal belt tightening and careful negotiation, we were able to hold our 2014 membership prices, which I’m sure everyone appreciated. Actually about half of the memberships have already been paid for. Registrants have 14 days to pay before their memberships lapse. If you weren’t lucky enough to get a space in that initial rush, get on the waiting list, and check your email on the 22nd of January

From its 6pm start… That’d be 73 minutes, roughly!

In just 1 hour 13 minutes or 73 minutes in total, Kitacon was able to have all of the tickets registered over half of the registered tickets have been paid for already! Congratulations to the Kitacon team and well done to everyone who has bagged themselves a ticker already. Joel and I will be there with the badge names Terra_Phi for Joel and Timlah for me, of course.

If you missed out, like Joseph said – Please still sign up and do it ASAP. Some people will inevitably be unable to pay, or be unable to make the event later down the line, so by being on the waiting list early, you’re giving yourself a better chance at being able to join in.


Come join us as we take another trip to Kitacon, with awesome cosplays, amazing fans, fascinating or down-right silly panels and incredible guests, as well as some of the best damn parties you’ve ever see in the whole convention world! Seriously, the parties are so much fun.

Joel and myself are also going to be talking to many of the fun-loving goers, guests and cosplayers of Kitacon, recording their experiences of the event and getting to know a few of them. Also, don’t mind me but I’ll be bringing some games with me, so come find us and play!

Second Night Party

Cards Against Humanity, Zombie Fluxx and Magic: the Gathering decks will always be on hand to me, so if you bump into me and just want to play and chat, let me know! Will you be in a costume? Great! My camera will be with me so come for a few snaps!

Kitacon is set to happen July 31st until August 2nd… We simply cannot wait to go Back to the Kitacon! Are you going to Kitacon this year or are at least hoping to? What would you like to see at Kitacon? What should we cover whilst we’re there? Let us know in the comments below.


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