Nintendo Direct Summary

Aah, so this is the kind of thing that has happened with Nintendo recently. The Direct Summaries are a great way to catch up with what they’re up to – and what better way than to hear it all from our friends at Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat? Thanks guys for this great post!


Nintendo’s first Nintendo Direct conference of 2015 has wrapped up and they did bring us bombs. Here’s a round up of the European Direct:

First up we’re told that there will be a new Fire Emblem game for the Nintendo 3DS. No concrete release date was given, but always a positive to start the show with a new Fire Emblem title.

Next up was the announcement that a popular puzzle game in Japan is coming to Europe, as-well as a special Nintendo themed version of it for the 3DS. Puzzle & Dragons. It’s a very similar game to columns bit features some RPG and strategy elements to it. It’ll be in the eShop in May.

puzzle-dragons-mario-edition Basically columns

Another new game up next. A free game from the eShop that will be available in February. Pokemon Shuffle. It’s basically candy crush and will include micro-transactions. Nintendo waking up to what’s happening…

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