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Kickstarter Preview – Hero Hourly

Humour for adults – We usually try and keep things somewhere around PG on GeekOut, this article isn’t so much.


Now here’s an idea: What if heroes were paid by the hour? Capes and costumes come with a time card, and no amount of super-strength can save you from typical annoying bosses and office politics. It’s comic book characters made mundane, and it looks hilarious.

cover snippet

21 Pulp‘s newest Kickstarter campaign begins tomorrow, and having read their previous work The Monsters of Jimmy Crumb I have to say I’m genuinely interested in seeing what Hero Hourly has to offer. It’s the product of Batman and Green Arrow writer James Patrick, 2000 AD artist Carlos Trigo, and colourist Jen Hickman*, and if those credentials don’t tempt you, check out Jimmy Crumb, the dark and twisted tale of an “8 year old boy” with a cellar full of demons and ghost stories.

Where Jimmy Crumb goes dark, I’m already intrigued by Hero Hourly’s humdrum-comedy that takes the dreams of most nerds and smashes it together with the everyday. This looks like a definite read for any fans of Kick Ass, Watchmen, or… actually anything super-related for that matter.

Check the first two pages right here! Page 1, Page 2


While the campaign hasn’t begun in earnest, we got a little preview of what the reward tiers will look like, straight from the horse’s mouth…. or e-mail:

employee file

OVERTIME PACKAGE:  Including all the previous rewards, you get an employee folder with your name on it and really cool shit inside. Like a Hero Hourly time card, name tag, parking pass, employee of the month parking sign, bad conduct report for things like sexual harassment for when you punched that mugger in the “no-hitting zone.”

RETIREMENT PACKAGE: Including all the previous rewards, you get to be drawn into Hero Hourly as a good employee or a terrible employee. Be a lazy bastard who nobody can rely on or the one who always picks up the slack. Up to you!

While these look fairly high up the list, there are some pretty awesome packages in there. Most of the packages will naturally include a copy of Hero Hourly in some format or another, so even if you’re just out for an interesting read it looks like this is going to be worth your time.

Check this article again on Wednesday the 25th (tomorrow, for those of you reading on day of publishing this) for links to the Kickstarter page.

UPDATE: The campaign has officially launched! For full details, click here.

*My apologies to Jen Hickman for not including a link to her body of work, but a quick google search proved her to be quite prolific, I couldn’t choose a single item to link.


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