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Beating a game (properly!)

As you sit down at your computer, or your console, you stare at your list or your collection of games and have to consider to yourself: Which game is worth my time right now? What game do I want to play?

For me, I’m an avid fan of the current surge of indie games that have been coming out since about 2010, hence I am so excited for what I’m attending in just a few weeks. With this said however, sometimes you don’t just want to beat the game; you want to beat it properly! This is what I’ve been working on in some of my spare time recently, properly beating a game that I’m quite a fan of. What do I mean by properly, though? Of course I mean beating it for everything it ever had within it!


Last night, as I sat down to play Rogue Legacy, a game that I’m very familiar with and very fond of, I decided to get back on working through all of the achievements for the game. The first thing I decided to do however was to unlock every power up that you purchase for your characters. Simple enough, it would just cost a lot of money… And lo and behold, above is the proof of my utter domination of that! (For those familiar with this game, yes; that includes the extra class at the top of the screen that you can’t see on screen…)

As you can see there, I also had a lot of money left over. Why was that? I think I might have had the first ever perfect run of the game for me. I went in there as a Dyslexic Flexible Barbarian King, so not much in the way of special power ups or anything… But I decided to bring my A-Game. I went and cleared up the first part of the castle with relative ease. I then moved over to The Land of Darkness, which is really like “area 4” for this game… Then I went to The Forest (Area 2) and finally I cleaned up The Maya (Area 3). It was an odd order, but it worked for me!


For all of you who are confused as to what I mean by “clearing up x part“, there are 4 major parts to the castle: Castle Hamson, The Forest, The Maya and The Land of Darkness. They get notably harder, with the exception I find being The Forest, which actually isn’t that bad at all. All of these castle parts have a separate boss. Castle Hamson’s boss is Khidir, a giant eyeball that cries… blood… attacks… at you? The Forest has Alexander, a floating head that fires off energy balls. Next we’ve got The Maya with Leon De Ponce, who is a flaming elemental with an angry look in its eye… It attacks you by chasing after you, leaving a very long trail of fire behind it and other enemies. Finally in The Land of Darkness, we’ve got Herodotus, a big slime monster that splits into smaller slime monsters and also gives off earth mages who also tries to ground you. Nasty!

The last boss of the game then is Johannas, who goes through two forms: Johannas the Traitor (more on that in a moment) and Johannas the Fountain. Johannas the Traitor is the guy you’re following throughout the game. You find pieces of his journal scattered around Castle Hamson, as he’s the one who killed The King. It’s up to you to avenge your fallen king and fulfil your Rogue Legacy (See? A game with a clever title). When you get to the throne room, Johannas explains that this has been going on for generations, how it’s futile as he is immortal. He has consumed the water from the fountain of youth and now it’s up to you to defeat Johannas. The Traitor class that is appended to him is an actual unlockable class if you manage to get all of the “hard mode” bosses beaten (and trust me, they are ridiculously hard). Once you’ve done it however, you unlock the Traitor class. Very cool! Once I defeated Johannas however, he comes back in the form of the fountain come to life. Once you beat him, you’ve beaten the game.

Good Night Sweet Prince

Johannas was no more. I cleared the whole game in one sitting. I managed to beat that damned clown at his game for the first time in my many hours of playing this game and that’s the end of that. I earned a lot of money (It’d have been closer to 600,000, if I hadn’t bumped into The Elf a few times and tried my luck at his gambling game), I beat a lot of enemies and I felt damn good.

You might have noticed that it says that I’ve slain The Fountain 4 times. This is true; I’ve beaten the game 4 times in my time playing this. It got noticably harder, but I think once you’ve hit the “Start Legacy x 3” mode, you’ve basically gotten to as hard as the game can get… So I’ve beaten the game in its hardest possible mode. I think. As proof however that I’ve done it and that I’ve played the game for as long as I’ve said, I thought I’d show you how long I’ve spent and how many times I’ve died in the game.


So what’s left?

Well, there’s still one more achievement for me to go get. Then I’ll have truly beaten this game completely… Shame that it’s not exactly a quick and easy achievement to get, but alas it means I have more time in Castle Hamson! More time to play Rogue Legacy!

One to go


Have you ever wanted to beat a game for everything that it has to throw at you? Have you ever managed to completely 100% a game of everything, including things that aren’t an achievement? Let us know what game it was and what you did, along with what you felt most accomplished by. As always comments can go in the comment section below, over on Facebook or on Twitter. See you later, video game player!


4 responses

  1. I do that with every Zelda released. I do EVERYTHING there is to do.

    On PC the last game I did that with, getting every single achievement (or close to it) was Assassin’s Creed II, a game I still replay very often.

    You’ve actually made me want to go back to Rogue Legacy and play it some more!


    March 1, 2015 at 1:26 pm

  2. Congrats on trumping Rogue Legacy. It’s an excellent game, although I never got round to beating it. I rarely platinum a game, but I recently managed that on Criminal Girls.


    March 2, 2015 at 11:19 am

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