Top 10 Slimes in Gaming

They’re sticky, they’re gooey and they’re just about everywhere. Slimes are a staple monster in nearly all fantasy games. They make their presence known to the media in all sorts of manners, from your classic blobs to your not so classic Flubber. Sentient beings that are all slimy and goop-like… Yuck! But let’s not lie to ourselves here… We know they’re coming and we respect that they’re useful to get our levels up!

They’re sticky, they’re gooey and they’re just about everywhere. Slimes are a staple monster in nearly all fantasy games. They make their presence known to the media in all sorts of manners, from your classic blobs to your not so classic Flubber. Sentient beings that are all slimy and goop-like… Yuck! But let’s not lie to ourselves here… We know they’re coming and we respect that they’re useful to get our levels up!

Run yourself a bath as we’re about to get really sticky, as well look through Timlah’s very own Top 10 Slimes in Gaming!

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10) Slime Monster – Slime Monster Game

Slime Monster Board Game

The Slime Monster Game was a board game made… quite some time ago. I mean for crying out loud, this was a board game that used literal real life slime. It was a novelty game, but they sold slime separately, so that you could replay it. This game was incredibly messy and if I have to be honest with you… It’s all around disturbing what they made the children do to advertise the game.

Why don’t you just click on this link to find out what I mean?

9) Slime – Minecraft


It’s hard to imagine Minecraft without these deadly jumping slimes coming your way. These guys are royal pains, but they’re really not that bad compared to enemies such as Endermen and Creepers. The Slimes in Minecraft are just annoying. They aren’t particularly hard, but they generally just get in the way. Plus, they let off a weird little click-like noise as they mvoe around the caverns.

They also really love swamps. So if we’ve learned anything, smelly swamps attract sticky slimy creatures. Huh, who’d have thought it?

8) Ditto – Pokemon


Ditto is an amorphous blob.

Seriously, it is a genderless little pink goo. What more can we say about Ditto? It has one of the cutest smiles in gaming and it is super important for Pokemon breeding, weirdly. See, Ditto’s trick is that it can breed with almost any Pokemon. This is useful as it means you can get yourself them baby Pokemon you’ve been needing to capture so you can fill your Pokedex, or be a masochist and try to beat the Elite Four with baby Pokemon… Good luck with that. It’s doable though.

Ditto has been around since the very start and it’s Pokedex number is #132. Ditto, thanks for being such a cool Pokemon since day one, little guy!

7) Goo – World of Goo


Goo in this clever little game is a bit different to most of the slimes that we’re covering in this list. I mean most of these slimes are all evil and unenviable… But not this slime, oh no! This game features living slime that come in globs of Goo. Now the clever part is that you use these globs to go and build things and fix things.

You use the goo to help you explore the world of Goo and help them explore their world too. They’re also apparently quite tasty, so yummy!

6) Flan – Final Fantasy


Okay, these are actually normally more than just amorphous blobs of slime. These are puddings that have come to life to eat the protagonists. I mean this is perfectly reasonable in a series of games that have introduced jesters with maniacal laughter, zero-gravity football and very pretty men… What? Don’t judge me, when you pull of being a pink naked guy covered in fur and don’t look stupid, come back and then judge me.

So the Flan come in a lot of forms and they vary from game to game. For example, in the very first Final Fantasy, there were four kinds of Flan. In Final Fantasy IX however, there is only one kind of Flan and it is literally just called “Flan”. These puddings have bite!

5) Herodotus – Rogue Legacy


Herodotus, which is indeed the name of a great Greek historian (Google says he is known as the father of history. Huh, who knew?) is a huge slime creature in Rogue Legacy that works as the perfect slime monster. Assuming that it’s name assumes this dome-like blob’s “gender“, he works in the way most slimes do: Leap at your enemies and split in half each time you kill it.

Yes, that includes it’s countless halves. If you split its half in half, that half becomes two halves once more. What’s worse is they gave off a mage enemy, too. So not only did you have slimes flying all over the place, but you had mages trying to blast you to oblivion and back. Oh boy, thanks a lot Herodotus. If you are the father of history, you must have had one splitting headache. Get it, splitting… Because he splits in half? Ugh, I’ll show myself out.

4) Slime Lord – Dungeons & Dragons

“I am a face for the faceless ones.”

The Slime Lord is a support monster that generally looks after it’s fellow slimes. It is a playable prestige class as well, which makes it quite an exciting prospect, as it’s more or less a really unique balance between a character with a pet (slimes) and support. It has some ooze-like abilities that help it in battle, as well as being as elusive and evasive as possible.

One reason why I really liked the Slime Lord is its quote. It’s a simple quote which I kind of can’t fully see representing it’s species, as some slimes do have faces as we’ve seen through this post, but it’s more the concept of this sentient slime being a sentinel for it’s subservient sticky siblings. Wow, that sentence was super sibilant.

3) Master Belch/Barf – Earthbound


Master Belch, is basically an animated pile of… vomit. I don’t think much gets slimier than vomit.

More about Master Belch then… Well, thanks to one of its areas of the game that you can get the legendary Sword of Kings for Poo (and it’s his only weapon)… No, I’m not just custom naming people, Poo is the name of a character in Earthbound. You know what, I’m beginning to think I should just say “Earthbound”, there’s a lot of sticky, slimy things in this game. But few are slimier than Master Belch, who even looks like you’d not want to get near it.

2) Blob – A Boy and his Blob


Originally out on the NES, a Boy and his Blob was a bit of an oddly unique game. It didn’t really go down all that well, but some people loved it and considered it a classic of sorts. Move forward some years then and in 2009, the Nintendo Wii says “Hey, check out this new game: a boy and his blob.” Some of the old school gamers groaned in disbelief – but then when they started to play it…

… They had this wonderful story about a boy and his blob. In this game, the blob’s home planet of Blobolonia is threatened by an evil emperor, so the blob comes to Earth for help. A 2D platformer that is accessible to all ages, this is a game that can help non-gamers believe that story-telling in video games needn’t been horrific and evil… It can be beautiful and damn near magical. This may sound cheesy, but seriously, those are the only words to describe this game.

1) Slime – Dragon Quest


Damn it, I tried so hard to not let this one be number one, but honestly there’s no slime even in the same league as this one.

For those unaware, the official mascot of Dragon Quest is this adorably bouncy little slime. It’s the face of true evil right there, honestly… It’s been around in every Dragon Quest game to date (and will likely never be dropped). It’s sparked boss encounters and it has even become a damned protagonist. A little tear-drop shaped slime, it even is literally named “slime”, so perhaps this is the slimiest slime?

It’s slipped into the unenviable position of being a franchises mascot. How can any other slime ever top that?


Honourable Mention

Some slimes aren’t quite there, y’know what I mean? It’s like… They’re supposed to be all slimy and all, but they just don’t quite fit in the jelly mould. I’ve found two such substances which are certainly worthy of a mention, but… Why are they even a thing?

Putty – Super Putty

Super Putty

A weird as hell game, I am counting Putty amongst the slimes of the world as really, although he is putty he does work in the same way as most slime creatures. He can move around in peculiar ways and he is able to morph shape. He swallows things up and basically is an all around super cool guy. The only thing that baffled me about Putty as a child, is his uncanny ability to tick off nasty cats.

Never the less, Super Putty can’t go on this list as his slimy cred is at stake. However, I felt like he was a worthwhile mention at very least.

Gels – Portal

RepulsionGelThese aren’t technically slimes in the usual sense, but these are sticky blobs… I think these count. Repulsion Gel was originally made to be a pudding substitute. However, gels in Portal serve an entirely different purpose than food. These useful gels are blasted out and you can use them for a variety of things. Blue gels are bouncy, so you can jump off them to get to great heights, orange gels are slippery so make you go extra fast.

Either way, these are useful to traverse the treacherous experiments set out by GLaDOS.


That’s it for another Top 10, our quick look through the best (and questionable…) in their subject. Hey, perhaps you found this one entertaining and want to chime in with your favourite slimes in gaming? Great! Throw us a comment in the section below and let us know if you agree with the list, or if you think the ordering should be different.

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