Resuming a Forgotten Cosplay

As I’ve been going through my cosplays that I’ve wanted to make throughout my short time as a cosplayer, I’ve started a lot and put a lot on hiatus. The problem is, once a costume is on hiatus, it’s hard for me to muster up the enthusiasm to get back on with working on that costume again.

However, with Kitacon looming, I’ve decided that I’m going to work on one costume in particular that I really want to have made. So I looked into the costumes I have planned for Kitacon and decided the least likely to get done was Black_Star. That’s a costume that’ll go on the back-burner for now. Instead, I’ve decided to pick up and get back on with my Deku Link costume. I’ve still got all of the materials from last time, but this time I’ll be following the advice of a mascot head.

Deku LinkBecause of the complexity of this costume, I’m going to be getting back on with working on this costume as soon as possible. I’ve got a whole week off next week – Yippee! Expect some progress and some pictures as to how the costume is coming along over the course of the week.

Not only this, I want to improve one of my most loved costumes: Oscar. He’s always fun to take to events, but he’s sort of become something a bit different to the original Oscar Kass. As such, I figured I’d be inventive and rename him to “Oskar” and make him into an original character. Expect pauldrons, sickles, wrist bracelets/manacles and much more for this otherwise adorable skeleton.

I mean, he needs to redeem himself after this picture.
I mean, he needs to redeem himself after this picture.

Do you know of any inventive ways to get the head of Deku Link to be properly shaped? Are there any extras I should carry with me for this costume? More importantly, how likely am I going to be able to enjoy a few pints inside such a costume!? As always, comments below, on Twitter or Facebook.

Author: Timlah

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8 thoughts on “Resuming a Forgotten Cosplay”

  1. straws should work for drinking even when wearing a mask ^^ for shaping i have no PROPER idea, but for masks i always go with wire, paper, glue and fabric for structure and paint on top (cheapo alternative way i guess ^^)… cant wait to see the result <3


    1. Absolutely spot on with the idea of using a true wireframe mesh. I am wondering however if I should use wire and spray foam (its name escapes me right now ._.;!)

      Thanks for the comment, I will make sure to keep people posted on my three upcoming Kitacon costumes :)


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