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Not all games are made to include everything in the box. Not all video games are made with all of the content ready. But all games have one thing in common: fun!

Not all games are made to include everything in the box. Not all video games are made with all of the content ready. But all games have one thing in common: They’re generally pretty damn fun! However, is it really fun to have games that don’t have all of the required components in the box, or is it just a massive waste of money? We’d argue it’s not always that bad spending money on games that you’ve already poured money into for the base game, I mean some of our favourite games are some of the most expensive games in the world.

Today we want to take a look through what we think is the Top 10 Collectable Games! Join us as we throw all of the cash out of the window as we collect more pieces in the already expensive game of collectable gaming!

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10) Hexbugs

Hexbug spider

This is a hard one and a little bit of a controversial start to the list, but Hexbugs are toys. They are toys that are little bugs in shape and they have vibrations that make them zip all over the place. You normally sit them inside of Hexbug arenas and they will vibrate and so say “battle”. I didn’t believe much about the battling element, as it looks like they just vibrate and randomly knock into one another.

But don’t be fooled. I looked into these a bit further: Not only do you dictate the pace and the scale of the battles, but you can also get Hexbugs with armoured shock sensors built into them which is pretty cool. You can also get Hexbugs with weapons, to really put them bugs in their place… or… Out of the arena at least. It’s amazing watching these little critters go around though, they are seriously good fun to watch and are highly collectable.

Finally, they also went ahead and released oversized Hexbugs that you can control with a remote, meaning you could use all of the little Hexbugs to go and beat up the big Hexbug. It’s crazy, it’s silly, it’s down right daft but there’s some serious collectables involved here.

9) Cube World


These were little cubes that you collected and put next to one another. In doing so, the little display on them would show a stick figure and if they were next to one another, they could wander between one anothers cubes. Adorable.

But what a lot of people didn’t realise is that they were also a little game of mini-games. The more of them you had, the more mini-games you got out of them. But really I’m not going to lie to you now: The reason you got them was to watch stick figures going between one anothers worlds. It was clever tech, it still is pretty clever when you think about it. It made me think of the MegaMan Battle Network series, of a digital character going between digital worlds. Very cool!

8) Beyblade


Beyblades were spinning tops that you threw into the slew of battle, by shouting out “Let it rip” and then pulling on the cord to your spinning top launcher. I don’t know why this was so fun, just watching spinning blades go at it…

But the anime series that was on our televisions was enough to make kids want to get the biggest and baddest Beyblades that were coming out. There were so many and better yet, you could buy one just to take it apart and custom build your own one. It really helped having different “attack discs”, “weight discs”, and “Speed discs”, which I believe were the correct terms for the three parts of the Beyblade. There was also the bitchip, but honestly if a kid truly believed having a picture of a dragon on their Beyblade made it better then perhaps they “deserved” to sink another £20 for a whole Beyblade just to make theirs “better”.

Still, I had a lot of fun when my first Beyblade actually destroyed an opponents Beyblade. I customised mine with a very heavy weight and a bouncy speed disc. Because of that, launching my Beyblade caused a death space-hopper effect and… Well when your Beyblade lands ontop of your opponents, metal weight disc first, you know you’ve broken it. The poor opponents Beyblade snapped. Oops!

7) RPG Miniatures


Whilst strictly not necessary to play the game, there’s no denying that a healthy (perhaps a little too healthy) collection of minis does make things a little more interesting. There are a battery of companies that produce miniatures, from the D&D originals, Reaper, or the spectacular print-your-own-character Hero Forge, every genre is catered for, practically every whim fulfilled, and if not, it’s surprisingly easy to cobble together your own out of pieces of others.

Miniatures are somewhat symbolic of RPGs, but a strong imagination and a piece of blank paper is all that’s strictly needed. Of course, that won’t stop people like me from amassing far more than I’ll ever use. When am I ever likely to need a mini-trebuchet…

Oh actually, that gives me an idea!

6) Pogs

This is a ridiculous notion if you were to write it on paper… But Pogs were small discs which you stacked on top of one another… And then you slammed them… and some arbitrary rules dictate who gets to take away some of the Pogs.

There were so many Pogs out that, that even Walkers Crisps were giving out free Pogs. They were just everywhere… But I’ll be damned if you could actually remember what you were supposed to do with them! Whatever, they became a game in that people collected as many as they could. I mean, this was Pokemon before Pokemon and on a slightly grander scale at that. It’s almost a shame that a collectable game called Pokemon came along… Speaking of which…

5) Pokémon

Note: This picture is already outdated!

Only at number 5? But collectables are at the very heart of Pokémon! It’s in the very slogan, you have got to catch them all! And with a whopping 709 to gather, (“What about Vanilluxe?” Shut up, that is not a Pokémon, that’s an ice cream with a face, “But isn’t a Voltorb just a pokeball with a face?” Now you’re just being picky,) you’ve got one hell of a task ahead of you. There are all the basics of a collectible, degrees of rarity, usefulness, competition!

But once you’ve bought the game, technically you’ve got them all. They’re in there. One could argue that gathering the different editions, or that trading is necessary to complete the collection, but essentially there’s no need to find anywhere to store it all, which rather defeats the point in some ways.

Great games though. Kinda wish I still had my Gameboy advance SP.

4) Krosmaster Arena


Alright, so we go on about Krosmaster a bit around here, but have you played it? Seriously come join us on the GeekOut Video Gamers group on Steam, or ask about it on Facebook or Twitter, we’ll join you for an online game!

Start with the basic box set, get your board, your dice and your tokens and a pair of basic teams complete with the figures and stat-cards and go! Then get into a few games with friends who’ve bought a few of the booster packs and got some of the cooler models, then they beat you pretty soundly in a game. Maybe decide you’ll grab some yourself, and that’s when they’ve got you!

It’s a great game, and the figures are truly a beauty to behold. Season 2 has begun, and the figure quality is only improving, but of course the balance is also shifting in their favour.

3) Warhammer

Image credit: Dakka Dakka
Image credit: Dakka Dakka

In terms of tabletop gaming, nothing is quite as grand as Warhammer. You are playing war on them tabletops! Buildings and obstacles can hide your units, dice to determine what happens when you declare your moves, this game is intense and fun.

But before that, you have to collect all the pieces for your army. In some cases, you then have to glue them together. Plus don’t forget all of the paints you’re going to need to get to make them nicely decorated for battle. Trust me, this game is an ultimate in collectables, easily racking past the £100 mark for an army… and believe me, that won’t get you an army what so ever! Maybe a few units.

But still, I look at the Eldar Fire Prism vehicle (shown above) and I’m reminded of how cool it damn well is… And how long that thing takes to put together and paint if you’re being really pedantic over how it looks. Ah, it’s awesome.

2) Trading Card Games


The very devil itself, a fortune spent on slivers of cardboard (granted with some plastic mixed in for longevity) that surely couldn’t take up that much space, or time. Buy a Magic: the Gathering, YuGiOh or Weiss and Schwarz starter deck, maybe just a couple of boosters just to see if you can ramp it up a bit. Play with a couple of friends who offer you a few of their cast-offs that’ll go great with your starter deck.

Oh but now you look at your collection, there’s actually the makings of a decent deck in here, certainly better than the starter deck. Maybe a few more boosters… actually the decklist on that starter deck has got some really nice cards that’d help you out, and you can use the rest to make…

This is how addictions begin, and before you know it you’re buying individual mythic-rare Pokémon cards from eBay to get you through the next tournament, and all of your friends hate you for that one deck that you won’t stop playing.

And then you realise it’s not a Top 10 list anymore, it’s an intervention. It’s okay Tim, we just have to burn your Keyword Hell deck, then the healing can begin.

1) Skylanders


Where you’re a fan of the game or not, there’s no denying that it’s a stroke of genius! Collect the figures, place them on a portal and play them IN the computer game. Want to be a different character? Swap the figures over! No typing in codes, no installation. Does a friend want to bring his character round to play? Sure, just bring the model along and stick it on the portal!

At this point I would like to join a few hundred others and say that I had this idea when I was 16, but this was sadly before NFC technology and involved SD cards. And it was an arena fighter but it was basically the same thing!

But hey, Disney and Nintendo jumped on the bandwagon of Toys-to-Life games pretty soon after Skylanders had already dominated the field, so it’s got to have been a good idea. I highly recommend checking out the sheer volume of characters and possible add-ons to this game, because it’s something quite monumental.

Honourable Mentions

The Collector’s Edition


Ahh, I still yearn for the good old days of PC gaming when your disc(s) were in a regular-sized CD case in an unnecessarily large A4 cardboard box with booklets, installation instructions, adverts, and maybe some cool artwork inside. Real value for money! Today, I can only hope that a decent collector’s-edition will come onto the market.

Collectors editions often come with figurines, little pieces of memorabilia, art books or even access to special features. To this day I’m not entirely certain what the collection in question would consist of, but damn if they aren’t pretty, and filled with useless but nonetheless interesting stuff. Notable examples include the Big-Daddy figure from the Bioshock Collector’s Edition, or the cloth map of Skyrim.

It’s an art form we shall come to miss when digital distribution eventually consumes the medium.



It’s a bit of an odd one when we’re including Lego in a list of collectable games. I mean, the very point of Lego is that you have to have all the correct pieces to build up your little worlds, houses, vehicles etc. It’s amazing how such a simple concept of putting building blocks together has captivated people for so many years, both young and old. Of course, there are video games that are a digital equivalent to Lego but you can’t quite compare to the original.

This is a toy that kids would make games up with. They’re supposed to just be blocks that you use to make cool things… But really, there’s more to them than just collectables. They’re blocks of youthful imagination.

Plus the video games are pretty funny!

That’s all for our Top 10 Collectable Games list. We couldn’t stretch this one to 11, as this one would have been expensive enough as it is. With Magic: the Gathering, Hexbugs and Skylanders and their obsession with giving you even more things to go and get, you can bet your wallet you’ll be broke before you can say “No more collectables!” Now excuse me whilst I go and collect more POP! Vinyls.

It’s time for you to get involved, what do you want to see as the next Top 10? As always, cast your vote and let us know what you want to see as the next Top 10. We’ll be back next week to show off our next list based upon what you decide should be our next list. Got a suggestion for this weeks top 10? Do you agree with our decisions? As always, let us know in the comments below, over on Facebook or on Twitter! Join in the conversation today!

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  1. Pogs! Wow! Those are a blast from the past! :)

    As for next week’s options, this rat loving gamer would love to see an article on rodents in gaming. I hope I’m not the only one!


    1. It was a weird one to think up, but I love the idea of doing a Top 10 Rodents in Gaming. Some of our best Top 10s comes from my mind when I’m going “I need to think of something we’ve not done before ._.”

      I still really wanna do Top 10 Unique Mythological Creatures. ANUUUBBIIIISSSS~!!! Er, I’m not biased for him.

      As for Pogs, aww yeah. As I grew up, I had Pogs and all the kids did. But does anyone know how the heck to play the darned things? Probably not.


    1. The best thing was, the kid whose Beyblade it was… He was boasting how he had been spending all of his money on these blades and he had been playing for “YEARS” (It had been out for about a year before I got one).

      He was the schools “champion” (of just 3 people who played it). When I came in, people found it funny “Why are yooou playing this?” I wanted to destroy him in competition… But I didn’t mean it literally… It just happened.


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