Summer must be coming, as YouTube is awash with rather awesome looking film trailers, so as we prepare to retreat to air-conditioned halls devoid of sunlight let us take a gander at this season’s offerings.

The Fantastic Four

It occurred to me recently that if this film is awful, then that will be a complete set. The 1994 film, the recent attempts from 2005 and 2007, and finally this one. I have to say I am less optimistic having now watched the new trailer, and not because of the weird Johnny Storm thing (I mean Reed Richards would have made so much more sense, unless you’ve got a plan for the whole “adoption” idea… that’s another rant though, one that other people have beaten me to).

I quite like the idea that they’ve taken the origin story into inter-universal travel rather than space, and the design of the other universe has my curiosity. It’s also a better Doom than I’ve seen in a while, and the effects on the powers look rather good, Richards’ twisting muscles, Johnny’s blazing eyes, Sue’s energy fields, and of course the mountainous Ben Grimm that looks like he stepped out of a cliff rather than washed up on a beach somewhere. But the film as a whole looks boring!

What we see is a lot of dynamic shots between actual action sequences cut with the occasional explosion or burst of energy; the pieces of dialogue chosen to overlay each scene are uninspiring; and while I actually enjoy a film that focusses on a colour palette, orange and blue make for an unpleasant contrast, especially against all of the extra-dark clouds they added to everything. A different take on the Fantastic Four could be a refreshing change the property sorely needs, but this doesn’t look like it.


Ok, nobody was going to take this seriously. Maybe somebody was, but nobody was going to take them seriously either. Ant-Man looks hilarious and action packed, almost like a good Ironman film actually, although suitably different that it’ll be a sufficiently different film, and a different kind of hero.

This film is going to have a lot to juggle. Dropping a new character into an ongoing series is always going to be hard, and the MCU has to do so a lot between now and 2018. This first-outing for the super-small super-soldier will have to balance origin story, villain, story-line, and the weight of a very heavy legacy. But it will certainly include a fight on the back of a toy Thomas the Tank-Engine! And that can only go well for all of us.

The MCU has not been without a few lows, but even it’s worst films are better than the average action film. Marvel also know how to make a good trailer, they’re holding back plenty more, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Yellowjacket isn’t the only villain.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Fighting hard not to make this analysis about all the things wrong with Ben Affleck’s Batman, it’s not a fight I’m winning so I’ll keep this short. It’s still too early to make judgements on this film, and as a fan of neither DC nor Zack Snyder I cannot judge it from an unbiased perspective, but the themes involved in the conflict look to be quite promising. People flock to Superman as if he were a god come to earth; others – like Wayne – revile against someone holding so much power and seek to bring him down.

I sincerely hope that the awfully rendered CGI statue is not a sign of things to come. And that is one angry looking cowl. And a ridiculous sounding voice distortion…

Mad Max: Fury Road

Here is a film that could be a masterpiece, or could go very horribly wrong. If the storyline fails, if the characterization is absent, if nothing else holds our attention for the entire film we can guarantee one thing for sure: The greatest car chase in movie history. Guys on poles, dust storms, flame throwers, and more spikes than I can actually comedically exaggerate.

The Fury Road trailer shows us a lot of some fantasy-classic elements: a villain and his amassed and cultish followers, a hero facing overwhelming odds, and a veritable harem of damsels in distress. May I just say that aforementioned damsels do not appear to remain distressed for long, and look to be taking some of the action firmly into their own hands very quickly. There’s so much to see that you may want to rewatch a couple of times just to see what they’ve slipped in while your attention is elsewhere.

I also sincerely hope, more than I have done in a while, that the music in the trailer is reflective of the score in the film itself. Music used well is a gift, but too often in this regard a trailer has promised more than the film can deliver.

Terminator Genisys

I don’t like time-travel, or Terminator films, and I think that Arnie should have retired a while back, although the Expendables are hilarious films. So when I say that Genisys looks truly amazing you’ll fully appreciate what I mean! See? I’m capable of impartially regarding trailers! Dawn of Justice just looks that bad! What was that? 10 full seconds of a black screen?

Anyway, a lot of history looks like it’s going to be brought together, every Terminator model will be going to war, the timeline rewritten, and Schwarzenneger vs. Schwarzenneger, in a battle for the ~snigger~ ages. Much like Ant-Man it’s a film that could find itself juggling too much, but who knows? Could a return to the beginning be the step the franchise needs to take?

Jurassic World

So begins Chris Pratt being everywhere. He’s done quite a bit of late, but now it looks like he’s taking the role of someone that literally any actor could play. There aren’t many actors in the world who could have played Star Lord as the loveable goofball these days, a lot of those actors that could have done were biggest in the 90’s when there was a vogue for that sort of thing. Here I see a part that could be played by any actor currently working. Zach Galifianakis could play this guy! Actually he really could, he’s better than the Hangover films make him look.

Unlike most, if not all of the trailers here, I think this may be the one that has shown too much. I’m not seeing how more new dinosaurs and a new kaiju-design will reinvigorate this particular favourite of the blockbuster roster. It’s been done to death, even the puns are past their best. We also know for a fact that many of the dinosaurs – even amongst those we see in the trailers – were feathered, so it’s nice to know that the series is keeping up the tradition of questionable science.

But big monsters eating stupid tourists ought to be worth a watch. I laughed all the way through Piranha 3DD, so long as Jurassic World doesn’t get too serious then it should be worth the watch.

I leave you with a simple question then. What are you looking forward to most from the latest bumper crop of trailers? This year? Next year? Any other films you’re looking forward to on the horizon?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch Age of Ultron! Feel free to discuss whether or not they’ll kill of Han and Chewie while I’m out.

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    1. I foolishly cancelled my subscription to see as many films in a month as I like. Summer will be expensive for me

      Also, not all of these are this season, Dawn of Justice and Star Wars are later (forgot to include release dates, my apologies) so not all that costly :)


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