The Shivah

Rabbi Stone is a Rabbi about to give up on himself when he is given a financial lifeline. Read on for my thoughts on the game.

A game that features Rabbis as the main protagonist and antagonist? You’d better believe your eyes, this is an exciting adventure game made in 2006 which features just that.

Interesting then that I find out I had this game just casually lingering in my Steam library, when I have begun a point and click adventure game that follows religious decisions! This is a game that did it before me.

This story follows Rabbi Stone, a Rabbi who seems to be ready to give up on himself and his congregation. No money to pay for bills to his synagogue, very few people attending his sermons, it’s not been easy for Stone. A man dedicated to his faith, it appears he is thrown a lifeline in the sum of tens of thousands of dollars… But the money has come from a source he didn’t expect.

There are some wonderful voice actors in The Shivah. In some cases the lines they have to deliver are relatively dry, but they delivered their lines with emotion and empathy for their characters situations.

The graphics for this game are great. It has cartoonish sprite graphics, which work well for this story. All characters (although so few) are distinctively designed and stand out from one another. From Rabbi Stone to Joe DeMarco, each character has it’s own portrait with different emotions that come through the story.

The game plays as you would expect a point and click adventure to work, except for the very few items you actually get in the game. I believe the total was 3 items. Instead, the games progression came from clues, which you had to combine to make sense of the stories.

One fault with this game lies in just how short it is. For the type of game that it is, you can understand why it’s so short, especially with all of the voice acting. The only other fault I could find relates to just how slow Rabbi Stone is. It helps keep the slow pace of the game, but in some of the cases, more speed less haste would have applied.

I would recommend giving this game a try, but do be warned… It’s very possible and easy to complete it in one sitting. For a game that features religion heavily, there’s a lot of intrigue and violence which may draw you in!

Have you played The Shivah? Was it Meshugga enough for you, or did you expect more? As always leave us a comment below, over on Facebook or Twitter.