The Colour of Magic

In the modern world, some of the most captivating books are amongst the most magical and surreal. It’s with this in mind that I wanted to look through one of my favourite book series, Discworld.

Have you ever been so enthralled by a book that you went on to read the whole series? I’m sure you have. In the modern world, some of the most captivating books are amongst the most magical and surreal. It’s with this in mind that I wanted to look through one of my favourite book series, Discworld.

We’re all aware that the legendary Sir Terry Pratchett passed away not so long ago. His passing was a massive loss to the world, as he was a literacy genius. The man knew how to instil the right emotions in people at the right times, but the most important quality he possessed was his ability to make people of all ages smile and laugh. It was a powerful tool and it captivated a young Timlah.

The_Colour_of_Magic_(cover_art)The Colour of Magic was the first in the massively successful Discworld series and is really a rite of passage into the Discworld franchise as a whole. This was the first book in the Discworld series but it was also the first book to include one of the most famous Discworld characters, Rincewind.

Rincewind is a wizard, although his hat would make you believe he was actually a “Wizzard”. Rincewind wears bright red robes, with his not so pointy hat that has wizard misspelt on it. He’s not like the rest of the pointy hats, instead he’s barely capable as a wizard. It just so happens though that Rincewind knows a forbidden spell, one of the most powerful known to all wizards.

Say cheese!
Say cheese!

Rincewind finds himself unwittingly the guide for a rather rich Tourist who has come to Ankh-Morpork from his homeland in the Agatean Empire. Whilst the Tourist is very wealthy, he is incredibly naive and ends up saying a lot of things he really shouldn’t, such as telling a bartender about insurance. The bartender misunderstands this concept and so their journey begins from escaping Ankh-Morpork due to a fire caused by the bartenders misgivings.

This book is a true fantasy. It was written by Sir Terry Pratchett in the 1980s and honestly, there’s a reason that he has such a loyal fanbase. He can even bring life to inanimate objects, such as the Luggage that accompanies the tourist Twoflower. Such a simply brilliant imagination, to have this luggage more or less act like a possessive and defensive dog for its “master”, the tourist Twoflower.

Tourists, eh?
Tourists, eh? Socks and sandals.

I’m a bit biased to this book, as I even recently took to a sci-fi/fantasy convention dressed as Twoflower and took to the streets, taking pictures of all the normal every day things and thinking of them as a curiosity. It was amazing to see so many people actually recognise the character, even though he was only really in a written form. There has also been a film, graphic novels, a text based game and a mobile game based on this story.

It’s pure fantasy, so if you don’t fancy following a man who can’t spell Wizard correctly to the literal edge of the world, leaving you literally on a cliffhanger, then this really won’t be the book for you. Pratchetts writings can teach a lot of people a lot of little lessons in life, such as “don’t always believe what you hear”. Half of the things you think as fact in the real world do not necessarily apply in Discworld, hence why the series is so special.

Piece by Alvara Morrigan, source: Reddit.
Piece by Alvara Morrigan, source: Reddit.

It’s always fun to note that the Discworld is literally a large disc which sits atop four giant elephants, who stand upon the back of the Great A’Tuin. The Great A’Tuin is a huge turtle who drifts through space carrying the Discworld and the elephants on it’s back… And people are out there trying to figure out what the Great A’Tuin’s gender is… And that’s a major part of the plot of this story, so we won’t go too much further into that!

If you’ve not read this book, I implore you to do so. It’s a wonderful fantasy book that really helped to continue my love and passion for sci-fi/fantasy in general. Without Discworld, I might not be the geek that I am today. Have you read The Colour of Magic, or any books in the Discworld series? Has this post made you want to read it? As always, comments below or over on Facebook or Twitter!

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