Top 10 Death Noises in Games

We were a bit weirded out that you, the GeekOut universe, wanted to pick… the agonising… Screaming… Death sounds of the world of games. But, you chose it and we’re going to deliver it! This is our Top 10 Death Noises in Games!

For the most sobering quote you’ll ever hear: Death happens. I’m sorry to tell you, but whether you’re playing through Half-Life, or even a jolly old game such as Super Mario brothers, death happens. One thing about death is that it does take you by surprise. Your character may let out a little yelp from pain, or perhaps he or she’ll get some form of fanfare in his or her honour? Honestly though, we’re not going to lie… We were a bit weirded out that you, the GeekOut universe, wanted to pick… the agonising… Screaming… Death sounds of the world of games.  But, you chose it and we’re going to deliver it! This is our Top 10 Death Noises in Games!

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10 – Death sings, Deadpool

The following is not entirely safe for work

In with a cheap-shot at number ten. Deadpool can’t die of course, between his ability to regenerate and retcon his death out of the story, so Death herself – fickle as ever – is enamoured with the man she can never have. She softly serenades him down the Styx to his eternal end before he actually realizes what’s going on and pulls himself together. Literally.

It was a tough choice between this sweet song, or this swinging little number from the Discworld 2. Either way, it seems we’re determined not to go quietly into that good night! It’s got to be a big deal, a showstopper, or at least we want someone to pay attention. On that note, let’s move on…

9 – Humans, World of Warcraft

I remember being a massive World of Warcraft nerd. I have a hoodie and a figurine of a Tauren Shaman who I just will not get out of my box. I also played as a Tauren Shaman, hence the figure. However, one thing was constant in the World of Warcraft: The noises of my enemies screams as they die were a little bit awesome at times.

But the best one was whenever I squished one of those puny pinkskins, the humans. They would make the most agonisingly over-dramatic death noise I could think of at the time. I’m actually a little concerned for the actor and actress who had to do these death noises, but there’s one thing in particular: They’re basically iconic in games now. The loud and audible “Aah!” that comes from their deaths is simply amazing.

8 – Heart monitor, Half Life 2

It’s a rare game that gives you a rational reason for the HUD, the Hazardous Environment suit provides constant updates on your overall wellbeing in the practically simple format of a basic number, a Geiger counter, morphine dispenser and for some reason an ammo-counter. It’s like Black Mesa are expecting something to go dramatically wrong!

Whenever it does, your suit will kindly inform you by telling your lifeless corpse that it is unable to read your pulse, and sing you to your rest with a prolonged beep. Oh yes, this sarcastic piece of practical garb is now available in fashionable orange, and will go great with hipster glasses and a crowbar.

7 – Player death, Five Nights at Freddy’s (ALL OF THEM)

I’d like to start this part off by apologising somewhat. See, Five Nights at Freddy’s has gotten some really good press and I’m sure a lot of you are sick and tired of it. To reiterate as to how cool this game series has been… It’s one guys work, Scott Cawthorn, who is indeed making another “FNAF”. When it first hit YouTube, me and Joel found out about the game the very day before it was released… Yeeeep. Joel and I went as far as to play the game with our friends Kim and Phil from 1001Up. Many screams were had.

But more importantly, the death noise from Five Nights At Freddy’s is a loud growl of some sort, or some guttural nonsense. It’s true however that in the second of the current trilogy, it sounded more like the animatronics were screaming “Freedom!” There are many jump scares to be had, but most importantly, the sound of one of the cute creatures coming at you with big, grinding teeth… It’s bone chilling.

6 – Character deaths, Worms

Worms was made by the British company Team17, who are still working on the Worms series today, constantly trying to reinvent the wheel with varying degrees of success. It’s with this in mind then that one of the most memorable death noises in gaming has to be when a worm is killed… Because there’s so many different things they can say!

The iconic death is simply a worm that looks at you, says “Oh dear…” and then blows himself up, leaving behind just a little tombstone. This was one thing I could never understand, except as a last resort: Why did they blow themselves up!? Oh dear. On the plus side, all of the voices in Worms is amazing, so go ahead and have a listen to some of these voices.

5 – All characters, Team Fortress 2

When Joel and I sat down to write this list, I was thinking about the Heavy Weapons Guy. He was loud, obnoxious and generally had a very annoying death noise… But yet, it is a sure-fire winner for a future “iconic deaths” list… No, I’m not suggesting that’ll be a Top 10… Maybe one day.

When we stopped talking about Heavy Weapons Guy however, we listened to all of the sounds of the characters deaths and do you want to know the one thing we found? It sounded like the voice actors for all of the characters in this game had a lot of fun doing the death noises. Yeah, you heard me, these people had fun screaming their lungs out of their throats. They had fun coughing up phlegm and sputtering around the room, because let’s be honest… A good death noise is going to be really loud and just a little bit crazy. If you are being asked to perform a death noise, you might as well have fun in the process.

4 – Inverting on himself, Pac-Man

Just listen to that horrific sound of a creature who has just one soul purpose in life, to devour, when he suddenly stops devouring the pac-dots of the world and starts to consume himself. The ghosts have scared him so silly, he can find no safer way out of the world than to eat himself. It’s utterly terrifying to think that innocent looking little ghosts like Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde could force a creature, a devourer like Pac-Man, to give up… and to take the only way out he could stomach.

All joking aside, I bet you’ve all heard this noise at least once in your lives. It’s one of the most iconic death sounds in existence. Like it or not, Pac-Man, your death deserves a spot on our list!

3 – Octagon, Metal Gear Solid

Making a return appearance from our Top 10 memorable noises, how could we neglect poor, tragic Otacon? Trapped so far from his dying friend, unable to help in the single moment that he is needed most. And then again five minutes later. And then again a few minutes after that because this boss fight is proving really difficult. And then agai- Y’know what Hal, I’m just going to take my earpiece out until I get past this bit.


2 – Mario, Super Mario Bros.

I’m on about the one for the SNES, of course. You can get this on your 3/DS from the 3/DS store as well, so if you’ve never played the game but really want to: There’s a chance for all of you. Now where was I, oh yes, Mario.

Mario is one of gamings most iconic and lovable characters and franchises. Let’s pick no bones about this, it’s brilliant. But whenever Mario dies, for some unfathomably weird reason, it gives you a little jingle for your troubles. You just let Mario die. You let him fall to his death, get murdered by mushrooms or shot by a giant bullet bill. With this in mind, how can we sit there and feel so jolly in knowing that we’re watching our little plumber die!?

… Eh, it’s cute.

1 – Drowning, Sonic the Hedgehog

This is terrifying!

You know why everyone hates underwater-levels? It’s not the Legend of Zelda Water Temple, it’s Sonic and this tension-building, nerve-grating, desperation-inducing music. The worst part is that as you desperately hunt for a bubble or a surface to take a gasp of air, you find that you’re holding your breath along with Sonic!

It’s really testament to how immersive the original Sonic games got that even those of us who rarely played it (such as myself) still have flutters of panic whenever they hear this music. It sums up the urgency of the moment perfectly, and ends with such terrifying finality, that even if you have lives to spare it still feels like the end. And so far as our list goes, it is.

Honourable Mentions

Now that you’ve been subjected to our list of the 10 best death noises in games, it’s time to look at those noises that are worth a tip of the hat to. Let’s be honest, for every death out there, there are millions of other ones. Sorry for this being so bleak, but you guys did chose the Top 10 Death Noises in Games! Honestly, I thought you were all such an honest and innocent bunch of geeks…

Fatality – Mortal Kombat

I hope I shouldn’t have to say this but The following video is the gory kind of NSFW. I mean, Mortal Kombat Fatalities are the reason there’s an ESRB system.

Fatalities are a pretty huge part of Mortal Kombat, after all, that’s what everyone wants to see whenever a new version comes out. Fatalities make the honourable list because the call of “Fatality” isn’t exactly the sound of death in the game, that tends to be a series of particularly visceral squelches and cracks that you can only imagine were a lot of fun to fabricate in the studio.

Either that or a lot of people died recording the audio for every Mortal Kombat game and you should really appreciate their sacrifice instead of labelling them as “too violent”.

DAMMIT – Every Gamer Ever


We get it, we do. We were there with you for every thrown controller, every hour of lost gameplay since the last save, every near miss, every keyboard nearly snapped with the effort of bludgeoning the keys into submission.

Tabletop players, you were right to melt that dice. Honestly it’s had it out for you from day one. Maybe the next one will learn the lesson its’ predecessor couldn’t and keep your new character alive.

MMO gamers, it’s perfectly acceptable to want to beat someone around the head in real life for decisions made in-game. God dammit Leeroy! Hours of planning down the drain because someone’s got an itchy trigger finger.

Sooner or later it’s time to save, and walk away for the night. It’s one in the morning, you’re too tired for another attempt, leave it for tomorrow. Maybe play something else for a bit, but make sure you try, try again. No one likes a rage-quitter.

Now can we please get back to normality and stop with all of the death and destruction!? Anyway, this was our Top 10 Death Noises in Games and I hope you all feel proud of yourselves for such a revolting deathly list. Now, I need to go and wash my eyes with soap– AAARRRRGGGGHHHH… THAT WASN’T SOAP, IT WAS A BAR OF POISON!!!!

But hey, just so I can stop dying for a while, it’s now your turn to go and decide what our next Top 10 will be. Go ahead, click one, vote. No need to sign in or anything, just leave your vote for us. Come back in a week if that’s your sorta thing. We’ll be here with the winning Top 10.

Did your ears enjoy the audible mess that was our Top 10 Death Noises in Games? I bet you did, you damn well chose to hear all of those innocent characters die in some relatively brutal ways. Except Deadpool. Did our Top 10 meet your expectations are As always, leave your comments below, over on Facebook or Twitter. Hey, if you visit the GeekOut South-West Facebook page, why not join in with our current competition for a free book?

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