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Every week, Cosplay amazes and astonishes me. The amount of effort put in by hundreds, nay, thousands of cosplayers across the world is simply staggering. So, I thought I’d look through Twitter and share some Cosplay pictures with all of you as well as a few things I’ve been doing this week, since heck, cosplay progress is a thing I like to share with the world from time to time.


Yes, Twitter is an important place for a cosplayer. It’s a great way to share your craft with others, get constructive feedback and even just to show off the latest and greatest pictures you have of your creations.

Here’s just a few cosplay images that have stood out for me this week.

That stood out for me, as it was a really clever use of doing a 2D character in the real world. It’s also a really cool looking group piece, with a unique theme and great co-ordination. I also didn’t know of the existence of Teen Girl Squad, which is a rather strange web cartoon.

Next up, we have the Kick-Ass character, Hit-Girl! The aesthetics of this cosplay is fantastic, looking like the character brought to life. The pose is just the icing on the cake, allowing you to get an impression of the character for real.

Cosplay Update

So this week, I’ve been working on making the base of the mask for my Deku Link costume. It’s funny as I always plan to do much more than I actually do, but my day job can be fickle like that. Indeed, I haven’t got anywhere near as much I wanted done. Instead I have been able to make an incredibly strong base for my Deku Link mask which I’ll explain how I made along with pictures.

First things first, wire: Lots of wire. So much wire it’s not even funny. I mentioned that I was using this in the past in conjunction with papier mache. Instead, I’ve strengthened the wire by covering it in card. I then coated the card in expanding foam and this was the result.

2015-05-26 20.37.07

With an expanding foam gun, I created a massive… blob… of expanding foam. Yes, I went a little bit crazy with it, making a massive “brain” of sorts. The inside is a dome, which I’ll be reinforcing with Worbla later down the line. That part is entirely optional, so don’t worry if Worbla is a bit out of your way. Give it about an hour to an hour and a half and the expanding foam will set. Once set, you can sand it.

I used an orbital sander by Silverline, which cost me about £14 from Amazon. As my friend and fellow Kitacon and Alcon convention goer Dave mentioned to me, he thought the orbital sander might be too strong for the foam and would literally blast it apart. Thankfully, this was not the case as we found out. In fact, expanding foam is ridiculously strong! It surprised me, that’s for sure.

2015-05-30 15.22.00

Please be wary, this stuff gets everywhere. Wear a hairnet if you don’t want it in your hair and it’s a windy day. Wear eye protection if it’s windy too. Be careful – It is very dusty and it can just go everywhere. Dave had a go at sanding it as well, as we both wanted to try our hand at this strange substance but we both understand how it works. I’ll be making up a large block of foam soon, so I can carve it and make something else out of it. It’s better than wasting a bottle of expanding foam, I tell you that much.

It’s cheap and it’s reliable. Once I finished sanding, I found many holes. That was fine, I’m going to be coating the whole thing in papier mache to finish it off, however the biggest holes needed to be filled. Grabbing my expanding foam gun once again, I filled in the holes. This is where we are right now:

2015-05-30 20.07.40

To finish this off, I’ll sand down the newly added expanding foam parts. Then I’ll be adding on a cardboard cylinder for the mouth piece of Deku Link. Next up, I’ll be cutting out the eye holes then adding in orange perspex plastic. Interestingly, because of the fact we’ll have Worbla to go through, I could put some lights in between the Worbla and the foam, allowing a glowing eye effect. Worbla doesn’t let through too much light, so I’ll be experimenting with this before doing it.

I’m thoroughly impressed with expanding foam and it’s a much cleaner method than I’ve previously used. It’s a really fun material to work with which I hope I can continue to work with and improve upon. What did you all think about this look at cosplay this week? Let me know in the comments below, over on Facebook or Twitter and I’ll keep you all in the loop as to how these costumes are coming along!


I added the nose piece… I’m making good progress… and with 2 months to spare!

2015-05-31 20.22.48

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  1. The Hit Girl costume is very impressive and the Teen Squad one made me laugh. If I ever need my brain smoothing out I’ll give you a call.


    1. Competition is tough in the craft of brain smoothing. I’ve gotta compete with all the zombies, but don’t be tricked: they usually mess up brains rather than smoothing them out!

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    1. Thanks so much for finding out about our site :) Seriously though, your group were fantastic and it was a super inspired idea to bring an actual 2D character to life. The closest comparison I can make is the blocky/pixelated Cloud Strife cosplayer that’s out there.

      Keep up the amazing work! People like you give other cosplayers something to look forward to. Such a creative hobby!


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